Saara Ahmad1,*, Iftikhar Ahmed2, Saida Haider3, Zehra Batool3, Fatima Ahmed4, Saiqa Tabassum3,6, Syeda Madiha3, Tahira Perveen3 and Saad Bilal Ahmed5
...balance in the steroidal sex hormones may result in the development of cysts in the ovaries with resultant difficulties in reproduction. The present study was done on 75 rats divided randomly in 5 equal groups fed with rat chow, caged chicken meat, uncaged chicken meat, raw spinach and soybean for a period of six weeks. The levels of plasma cholesterol, progestril, estradiol, and androgens were estimated at the end of the experiment. The ovaries of the rats we...
Zhen-li Li1,2, Hui-fang Zhou2,*, Bo-ru Zhou2, Bei Liu2, Xiao-fei Jiang2 and Jian-ya Xu2


...fects of mifepristone on sex hormones persist after drug discontinuation, possibly leading to luteal phase defect (LPD) and infertility. Recent studies revealed that mifepristone not only affects the ovary and uterus, but also the pituitary, resulting in LPD. Bu Shen Zhu Yun formula (BSZYF) was developed by Professor Guicheng Xia, a “great master in TCM.” It effectively cures LPD, while its effect on the pituitary is unclear. In this study, we aime...
Hagar E. Mohammed1, Ranwa A. Elrayess2 and Heba N. Gad El-Hak2*
... the sperm index and the sex hormones. This study indicated that the traditional use of these two herbs as a mixture has no effects on male reproductive health.

Jianmin Liu1, Jiancheng Zhang2, Peijuan Wang3,* and Moslem Lari Najafi4 artery blood flow and sex hormones in the adjuvant treatment of ovarian function decline. Ninety patients with ovarian function decline were randomly divided into 3 groups: new addition congrong tusi pill treatment group (n=30 cases), diethylstilbestrol treatment group (n=30 cases) and the control group (n=30 cases). A comparative analysis is made on sex hormone levels, ovarian artery blood flow, ovarian volume and number, treatment efficacy, glucose metabo...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 54, Iss. 6, Pages 2501-3000


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