Shumaila Manzoor1, Afshan Ahmed1 and Muhammad Abubakar2*

...y of two techniques i.e. serum neutralization test (SNT) and solid-phase competitive ELISA (SPCE) for foot and mouth disease virus (FMDV) structural antibodies detection in terms of their sensitivity and specificity. These methods were performed by using set of sera collected from cattle with foot-and-mouth disease vaccination. The pattern of antibody titers in animals of different age groups was observed as less than 1 year, 1-2 years...

Yasser F. Elnaker 1, Mohamed El-Tholoth 2, Sahar Saber 3, Amira A- Elsaid4, Mohamed A. Saad 3, Emad E. Younis 5

...iters were determined by serum neutralization test (SNT) and Enzyme linked immunosorbant assay (ELISA) in calves and also their dams. The results confirmed infection of calves with lumpy skin disease virus (LSDV) and showed that calves older than 3 months old age and those out of first calf heifers are more susceptible for infection. Some calves even with insufficient amount of maternal antibodies could be protected from infection. In conclusion, this study re...

1Mona A. El-Manzalawy, 2Abeer A. Boseila , 3Hanan M. El Zahed

...une response detected by serum neutralization test (SNT). This vaccinated group of sheep was the highest while the group of sheep vaccinated with RVF vaccine adjuvanted with Alum gel only show the least antibody titer. The group of sheep, which was vaccinated with RVF, inactivated PMO without gel vaccine show intermediate level of antibodies. Moreover, the values of ED50 of the developed vaccines as well as the Alum vaccine alone were not exceed 0.02 which lie...

Lamya A. F. Ateya1, Said A. Ahmed 2, Mansour H. Ayman3, Khamees K. Ashraf 4, Heba A. Abdel-Hady 5

...tal 100 serum samples by serum neutralization test. Conclusion: Selection and processing of clinical specimens, viral isolation and PCR assay applied, for LSDV are much sensitive and rapid diagnostic tool of LSD reflecting their importance in controlling the rapid spread of disease in Egypt.


Akram I. Aboelkhair1, Ayman H. El-Deeb2, Momtaz A. Shahin1 and Hussein A. Hussein2

...entification was done by serum neutralization test ( SNT ) using reference antisera which confirm
presence of LSDV . By nucleotide sequences and genetic characterization was conducted on (G-PCR)
gene segment of these isolates.
Results: 93 samples were positive for LSDV by using conventional PCR direct from nodular lesion, 4
positive samples were inoculated on CAM showed characteristic pock lesion, formerly after ...

Rana A. Rabiea1, Mohamed Fawzy2, Mohamed H. Khodeir3 and MokhtarM. EL-Tarabili2

...on inhibition test (HI), serum neutralization test (SNT), and
indirect ELISA.
Results: There was detectable TRT antibody titers by SNT in the first week post vaccination as 4 log2
in group-1 and 2 log2 in group-3. Both groups showed peak SNT titer (256 log2) of TRT virus by the
third-week post administration of the second dose and remain stable up to 24 weeks post vaccination.
Follow up avian influenz...
Soad, E. Elsayed 1, Mohammed A. Shalaby2, Ausama A. Yousef2, Abu bakr A. Agor1,
Sherouk E. Aly1
...unological evaluation by serum neutralization test showed enhanced immunogenicity of
developed formula when compared to the conventional one. Challenge test revealed high protection
levels that reached 90% of the Guinea pig vaccinated by nano emulsion.
Conclusion: Our findings suggest that we aimed to enhance immunity through nano emulsion of
Montanide ISA 206 is well achieved.

Journal of Virological Sciences


Vol. 8, Pages 1-27


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