Muzammil Sattar
...ning Nu lure followed by protein hydrolysate (control diet). The F1 progeny larvae that developed from adults consuming (Nu lure 5ml) diet had the shortest larval and pupal periods and complete all developmental stages in shortest period of time. Insects reared on different concentrations of proteins. Insects rear on different diets compared on the basis of egg to adult survival, female (%) and pupal weight (g) with low and high protein concentratio...

Bina Khanzada1*, Ghulam Hussain Abro1, Tajwar Sultana Syed1 and Nazir Ahmed2 

...ested were honey, sugar, protein hydrolysate solution to enhance fecundity and fertility of the parasitoid under laboratory conditions and compared with the provision of flower nectors such as ornamental sunflower, merry gold and hollyhock in the laboratory. The ornamental plants sunflower, merry gold and hollyhock were also tested in the field for conservation of the C. flavipes. The results showed that during 2013 and 2014, the C. flavipes fed on Hollyhock p...

Masood Sadiq Butt1, Sadia Aslam1,2, Rizwan Shukat1,*, Syed Qamar Abbas1, Muhammad Issa Khan1, Shadab Shaukat3 and Muhammad Shahid4

...itions for production of protein hydrolysate with enhanced functionality. Minced rohu (Labeo rohita) waste mainly comprising of head, tail, fins and skin was considered as raw material to prepare protein hydrolysate using flavorzyme enzyme. The results showed that response surface methodology was employed to optimize the reaction conditions (temperature, time, pH and enzyme to substrate ratio) for enzymatic hydrolysis...

Muhammad Ibrahim Kubar1, Fahad Nazir Khoso1*, Imran Khatri1, Niaz Hussain Khuhro2 and Arfan Ahmed Gilal1

Sarhad Journal of Agriculture


Vol. 37, Iss. 2, Pages 331-713


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