Manzoor1*, Ahmad Khan1, Amir Sohail2, Shahzad Ali1, Fawad Ali Shah3, Junaid Iqbal3, Muhammad Owais Khan4 and Sultan Nawaz4 

...s) and role of different planting methods (Ridge, Flat and Broadcast) in soil moisture conservation for maize crop. The research was carried out using RCBD with split plot arrangement having 4 replications at Agronomy Research Farm, The University of Agriculture Peshawar, during May 2017. Deficit Irrigations were allotted to main plots, while planting methods were allotted to sub plots. Deficit irrigations had significant (P...

Shawaiz Iqbal1*, Nadeem Iqbal2, Usama Bin Khalid1, Muhammad Usman Saleem1, Adila Iram1, Muhammad Rizwan1, Muhammad Sabar1 and Tahir Hussain Awan1

Growth, Yield and Economic Analysis of Dry-Seeded Basmati Rice
...o evaluate the different planting methods. Three dry-seeded rice (DSR) planting methods viz. (i) DSR-broadcast, (ii) DSR-drill, (iii) DSR-ridges were compared with the conventional transplanting (TR) method in lines having row to row and plant to plant distance of 22.5cm distance, and farmer transplanting method. Experimental design was randomized complete block, replicated 3 times. Data were recorded on height (cm), tillers...
Muhammad Nawaz Kandhro1*, Nadia Mangrio1, Aijaz Ahmed Soomro1, Zia-ul-Hassan Shah2, Ghulam Sughra Mangrio3, Nihaluddin Mari4, Zulfiqar Ali Abbasi1 and Shazia Parveen Tunio5
... application of suitable planting methods and NPK level play a major role in improving sugarcane yield and quality. Experiment was performed under field conditions at Sugarcane Research Institute, Tandojam, Sindh, Pakistan (located at 250 25.19 N 680 32.07 E) during 2016-17, repeated in 2017-18 and data was averaged. The sugarcane variety PSTJ-41 was used for this study. The experiment was laid out in spilt plot design. Main-plot consisted of

Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research


Vol. 34, Iss. 2, Pages 254-493


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