Hussein Aly Hussein1*, Omneya Mohamed Khattab2, Shereen Mohamed Aly2, and Mohammed Abdel Mohsen Rohaim1 

Shuai Shang1,2, Honghai Zhang2,*, Xiaoyang Wu2, Qinguo Wei2, Jun Chen1, Huanxin Zhang1, Huaming Zhong2 and Xuexi Tang1,*
Wei Meng1,3, Tianyan Yang2,*, Yunguo Liu1, Mahmut Halik1 and Tianxiang Gao2
...G. dybowskii. The phylogenetic analyses from 12 concatenated H-strand-encoding protein genes were conducted by Neighbor-Joining method to reveal the evolutionary relationships within subfamily Schizothoracinae. Three different grades of schizothoracine fishes were well recognized from each other in branching diagram. The primitive group and the specialized group + the highly specialized group constituted a sister relationship with strong supports.
SiRui Wang1,2, Fekede Regasa Joka1,2, XiaoLong Wang1,2,* and SuYing Bai2,*
Zhimin Yuan1, Yan Yu2, Yanmei Wang1, Yanzhen Bu1,* and Hongxing Niu1,*
...s, respectively. The phylogenetic analyses showed that the gastrointestinal bacteria were mainly classified into five phyla, dominated by Proteobacteria (27.8% in stomach and 39.7% in intestine) and Firmicutes (59.5% in stomach and 12.7% in intestine). Enterococcus and Bacillus were the two dominant bacterial genera in the stomach, accounting for 46.1% and 7.4% of total bacteria, respectively. Sphingomonas and Mycobacterium were...
Peng Chen1,2, Zuhao Huang3,Chaoying Zhu1, Yuqing Han1, Zhifeng Xu1
Guanglong Sun1, Zhen Zhang1, Dongqin Zhao4, Gang Ge1 and Luzhang Ruan1*
...s the lowest was Cys. In phylogenetic analyses, Gruiformes included Grui and Ralli, and Charadriformes included Charadrii, Lari and Scolopaci. The genus Porzana was closest to Porphyrio. Gallirallus striatus and Lewinia muelleri consisted a sister group, while Rallus aquaticus was a separate branch. Hydrophasianus chirurgus (Charadriiformes: Jacanidae) was closely related to Rostratulidae. According to the estimation o...
Peimin Yang*, Zongyun Hu, Yixin Liu, Guanghai Jin and Lei Wang
... based on the results of phylogenetic analyses. The neutrality and mismatch distribution tests suggested the species as a whole and all but Tieling population did not undergo a recent population expansion. The results obtained here suggested that Fuyuan, Baoqing and Neimeng populations should be protected and managed separately, and Panjin and Tieling populations should be considered as a genetic management unit.

Weidong Huang1,2,3, Xinyue Liang1,2,3, Xiufeng Xie4, Xingmin Wang2, 3 and Xiaosheng Chen1,2,3*

... haplotype. Furthermore, phylogenetic analyses showed all M. sexmaculatus samples formed a single clade, but the identical elytral pattern individuals do not cluster together as no special relationships among different phenotypes individuals. Our systematic analyses illustrated the same elytral forms of M. sexmaculatus do not possess closely-related phylogenetic relationships. However, these clear photographs of different elytral color patterns of M. sexmacula...
Amreen Zahra1*, Mushtaq A. Saleem2, Hasnain Javed3, Muhammad Azmat Ullah Khan4 and Abdul Rauf Shakoori4
...solates in Pakistan. Our phylogenetic analyses revealed that HIV subtype A1 was found to be the most predominant subtype found in Pakistani population with 30% ratio among the isolates, 10% was of CRF02_AG, Subtype C a potential recombinant had 3.33% and unique recombinant form URFs accounted for 13.3% in the HIV Gag sequences. All Pol (URFs) demonstrated 40% of ratio among the isolates, and Subtype D with 6.66%. The present study shows that multiple subtypes ...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 54, Iss. 5, Pages 2003-2500


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