Muhammad Abdullah1,*, Rashid A. khan2, Muhammad Rafay3, Tanveer Hussain3, Tahira Ruby4,Fariha Rehman5, Sangam Khalil3 and Sohail Akhtar6
... period i.e. feeding and parental care of nestlings was performed by both partners. It may be said that Cattle egret is an insectivorous bird and take food from the agricultural fields in surroundings of study sites. Therefore, an awareness program about the beneficial status of Cattle egret in agro-ecosystem is recommended to protect and promote their habitats from anthropogenic activities.
Donglai Li1,Mei Han1,Huw Lloyd2, Linyu Jin1, Lei Zhang1, Jiangxia Yin1 and Dongmei Wan1*
...en own and EPP chicks in parental care suggests that females pay no fitness cost as a result of EPCs, which may explain the high frequency of EPY in nests.

Dong-Min Hou, Hong-bi Peng, Wan-Long Zhu* and Zheng-Kun Wang*

...ticide, cannibalism, and parental care behavior in T. belangeri. Analysis of the video data indicated that the observations were related to nutrition hypothesis, hormone level hypothesis and stress hypothesis. We also suggest that the infanticidal and cannibalistic behaviors of tree shrews might be related to their dietary habits. Although reactions to infants are doubtless affected by the psychological and physiological status of tree shrew mothers as well as...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 54, Iss. 6, Pages 2501-3000


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