Zia-ur-Rehaman1, Naila Chand1, Sarzamin Khan1 and Rifat Ullah Khan2,*
...) on immune response and oxidative status of four broiler strains. Day old broiler chicks (n=242) of four different commercial strains (Ross, Hubbard, Cobb and Arber Acer) were placed in brooding room in first two weeks and then chicks were divided into two groups: TN and HAT zones. Chicks in TN group were housed at constant room temperature, while chicks in HAT zone were kept at high ambient temperature. Chicks in each group were further divided into fou...

Soraya Khosravian Dehordi*, Abdolnaser Mohebbi and Kahin Shahanipour

...uencing on biomarkers of oxidative status in the rats spleen exposed to the cadmium (Cd) metal. For this purpose, thirty male rats equally divided into six groups, group I received nano-Se (0.1mg/kg) alone as dose, group II selenite odium (0.1mg Se/kg) alone, group III Cd chloride (300mg/250cc), group IV Cd along with nano-Se, group V Cd along with selenite sodium and group VI (control) given (1 ml) saline. All doses was orally (gavage) given to rates.Protein ...
Tünay Kontaş Aşkar1,*, Şinasi Aşkar1, Olga Büyükleblebici2 and Murat Güzel3
Hafiz Muhammad Arsalan1, Maria Altaf1, Zeemal Seemab Amin1, Muhammad Khalil Ahmad Khan2, Anum Shahzadi1, Hina Mudasser1, Iqra Maqsood1, Nazia Gulshan1, Saira Naseem3
Elmas Ulutaş1,*, Abdullah Eryavuz2, Aziz Bülbül2, Abdur Rahman3,*, İsmail Küçükkurt4 and Cangir Uyarlar5
...ameters, live weight and oxidative status in goats. In this study, twenty four male Angora goats each of 12 months of age, and weighing approximately 35 kg were divided into four groups as: control group (C) fed with basal diet containing 31.76 ppm Zn, experimental group 1 fed with basal diet supplemented with 500 ppm Zn, experimental group 2 fed with basal diet supplemented with 750 ppm Zn and experimental group 3 fed with basal diet supplemented with 1000 pp...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 53, Iss. 4, Pages 1201-1601


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