Shahid Iqbal Awan1*, Syed Dilnawaz Ahmad2, Muhammad Amjad Ali3, Muhammad Shahzad Ahmed1, Aurangzeb Rao1

... residual transpiration, osmotic adjustment, cell membrane stability, flag leaf weight, specific flag leaf weight, while negatively correlated with specific flag leaf area. These results indicated the importance of physiological traits and their positive influence on grain weight. Multivariate techniques, including factor analysis (FA) and cluster analysis, indicated that the magnitude of variability existing in the gene pool was satisfactory for initiating a ...

Rashid Iqbal1,2, Mathias Neumann Andersen1*, Muhammad Aown Sammar Raza2, Muhammad Adil Rashid1 and Salman Ahmad2 

...ation rate. Magnitude of osmotic adjustment (i.e. leaf water, osmotic and tugor potential) was lowest and highest under FI, DI and PRD, respectively. However, PRD had lower shoot biomass and grain yield per plant as compared to FI but higher than the DI. Despite improving the WUE, PRD tended to compromise the yield of wheat crop but PRD is recommended instead of DI. Results imply that PRD treatment can be an option under water shortage; however, its suitabilit...

Sibgha Noreen*, Sumrina Faiz, Muhammad Salim Akhter, Kausar Hussain Shah 

...p the plants to regulate osmotic adjustment and to enhance abiotic stress tolerance in plants. This study was aimed to examine mitigation effects of different osmoprotectants (salicylic acid, ascorbic acid, proline and their admixture) @ 200 mgL-1 on sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) grown under saline environment (150 mM NaCl). The results showed that salinity stress (150 mM) resulted into significant decrease in biomass accumulation of sunflower up to 50%, wh...

Ajmalud Din1*, Munir Ahmad2, Fahad Masoud Watto2, Sheraz Ahmed1, Imtiaz Ali1 and Muhammad Kausar Nawaz Shah

...ts viz. proline content, osmotic adjustment, excised leaf water retention (ELWR), relative water content (RWC), cell membrane stability (CMS), chlorophyll content and canopy temperature. Mean squares for all traits revealed significant differences among genotypes under moisture stress and normal environmental conditions. High variations were recorded for cell membrane stability, relative water content and osmotic adjustment ...

Sarhad Journal of Agriculture


Vol. 37, Iss. 1, Pages 1-330


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