Sanaullah Jalil*, Asim Hayat, Abid Majeed, Syed Haider Abbas, Muhammad Noman, Muhammad Imran Kasana and Muhammad Mazhar Hussain

... which also enhanced the nutrient uptake of the crop. It can be concluded that accurate use of cheaper rock phosphate, farm yard manure and effective microbes proved as an alternative of costly fertilizers and sustaining the agricultural productivity. Residual effect of rock phosphate with additional use of farmyard manure with effective microorganisms would be a promising strategy for enhancing P use efficiency and productivity of wheat crop in eco friendly w...

 Adnan Umair*, Safdar Ali**, Muhammad Sarwar***, Kashif Bashir**, Muhammad Javed Tareen**** and Muhammad Asghar Malik*****

..., root, shoot length and nutrient uptake of mungbean seedlings compared to control (non-primed dry seedling). The application of seed priming also improved the protein concentration at the early stage of seedlings. Phosphorous application through priming significantly improved germination up to 95%, seedling -1 vigour index up to 23.05 and protein content up to 2.17 (g FW).


Abdur Rehman and Zahir Shah 

...on, fresh pods yield and nutrient uptake of pea [Pisum sativum L.] under silt-loam alkaline soil conditions. Treatments were arranged in randomized complete block design (RCBD) with three replications. The required Fe and Mo as [(NH4)6Mo7O244H2O] and FeSO4.7H2O respectively were applied to soil followed by thorough mixing before sowing. Both Fe and Mo induced significant increases in fresh pods pea yield and nutrient uptake....

Attique Ahmed1, Tariq Sultan1, Ghulam Qadir2, Obaid Afzal2*, Mukhtar Ahmed5, Shamim-Ul-Sibtain Shah3, Muhammad Asif4, Safdar Ali2 and Muhammad Zeeshan Mehmood affect the growth and nutrient uptake. PGPR and phosphate solubilizing bacteria (PSB) in combination with synthetic fertilizers can enhance crop productivity and soil fertility. Present experiment aimed to investigate the effect of PGPR and PSB inoculation with T1 Control (Recommended NP), T2 (PGPR-1 + PSB + ¾ N + ¾ P),T3 (PGPR-2 +PSB +¾ N + ¾ P), T4 (PGPR-3 + PSB + ¾ N + ¾ P), T5 (PGPR-4 + PSB + ¾ N + &frac3...
Sri Nuryani Hidayah Utami*, Andin Muhammad Abduh, Eko Hanudin and Benito Heru Purwanto
Study on the NPK Uptake and Growth of Rice under Two different Cropping Systems with different Doses of Organic Fertilizer in the Imogiri Subdistrict, Yogyakarta Province, Indonesia
...n of spacing to increase nutrient uptake by providing plant free area (PFA) for better air circulation and sunlight distribution needs to be further studied. This study examined the differences in NPK uptake and rice growth in organic farming using the grid system and the cropping system with longitudinal rows given space in between. The distance between plants within a row is 12.5 cm, and the distance between rows is 25 cm. A PFA of 50 cm is given for every t...

Sarhad Journal of Agriculture


Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability Improvement in Tropical Region


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