Masaud Khan1*, Muhammad Jamal Khan1, Tahir Sarwar1 and Muhammad Jamal Khan2 

...on levels and decreasing nitrogen doses. When irrigation levels were increased by 10 and 20% nitrate leaching increased by 38 and 48%. Similarly when Nitrogen levels were increased by 10 and 20% increase in nitrate leaching was about 20 and 35% but when irrigation level were decreased by 10 and 20 % nitrate leaching also decreased by 20 and 48% and when the nitrogen level was decreased to 55% the nitrate leaching also dropped by 70%. Based on the above results...

Muhammad Qaisar Nawaz*, Khalil Ahmed, Ghulam Qadir, Muhammad Rizwan, Muhammad Faisal Nawaz and Muhammad Sarfraz in the main plot and nitrogen doses (40, 60, 80 and 100 kg ha-1) as sub plot. Treatments were replicated three times with sub plot size of 4 m × 6 m. Measurements included were: number of plant/m-2, number of leaves/plants, root length, bulb diameter, forage yield and total bulb yield. Results revealed that all the studied parameters were significantly improved with nitrogen application @ 80 and 100 kg ha-1 in ridge sowing. However, 80 kg N ha-1 in r...

Masaud Khan1*, Muhammad Jamal Khan1, Shahab Ahmad2, Asad Ali3, Numan Khan3 and Muhammad Adnan Fahad

... deficit (I45); and four nitrogen doses;100% of recommended dose (120 kg ha-1) (N100), 85% of recommended dose (N85), 70% of recommended dose (N70) and 55% of recommended dose (N55). Io was based on 30% of management allowed deficit. Effect of Nitrogen doses on Nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) was found to be highly significant and showed an increasing trend of 7, 25 and 68% with reducing Nitrogen doses...

Sarhad Journal of Agriculture


Vol. 37, Iss. 2, Pages 331-713


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