Chun-Yi Lin1, Meng-Ling Wu2, Tang-Long Shen1, Hsin-Hung Yeh3, Ting-Hsuan Hung1*


...of citrus. Two multiplex molecular detection methods provide the understanding of the genetic diversities among viroid isolates and quantify viroids in citrus host. Our field survey can help clarify citrus-viroid relationships and develop proper prevention strategies in the near future.



Hira Akhter1, Bilal Aslam2*, Naveed Shahzad3, Tanzeela Farooq4, Muhammad Umer5 and Muhammad Hidayat Rasool2

...nfluenza viruses and its molecular detections in asymptomatic commercial layers from Faisalabad district of Punjab, Pakistan. Overall 120 blood samples, 24 tissue samples from each organ (trachea, lung and intestine) were collected from the 12 commercial layer flocks selected randomly at the age of 35-50 weeks without any direct clinical manifestation of avian influenza. Serum collected from 120 birds was tested for antibodies against H9N2 by using Haemaggluti...
Muhammad Shahid1, Iram Amin1,*, Samia Afzal1, Zareen Fatima1, Sadia Zahid1, Usman Ashraf1 and Muhammad Idrees2

Osama Elshazly1, AbdelSatar Arafa1, Mohammed A. Rohaim2, Ismaeil M. Reda2 and Hussein A. Hussein2* well as antigenic and molecular detection methods. Full-length hemagglutinin (HA) sequences of six representative H5N1 isolates were analysed to study their genetic evolution followed by estimation of their evolutionary rates among different virus clusters. This analysis revealed a high evolution rate for clade Additionally, analysis of selection pressures in the HA gene revealed a positive selection pressure. Deduced amino acid analysis revealed c...
Jam Nazeer Ahmad1,2,*, Rashid Mushtaq1, Samina Jam Nazeer Ahmad1,2, Sumaira Maqsood3, Ishita Ahuja4 and Atle M. Bones4
...chnique was used for the molecular detection of NPV gene from native NPV diseased insect. Multiple sequence alignment and phylogenetic analysis were performed to compare SlNPV- FSD15 based on Lef-8 with other Lef-8genes sequences clearly showed that our SlNPV-FSD15 isolate belongs to Spodoptera litura associated NPVs. The biological activities of this NPV isolates were investigated under laboratory condition. The highest mortality o...
Sumreen Hayat1,6, Muhammad Hussnain Siddique2, Bilal Aslam1, Habibullah Nadeem2, Asma Ashraf3, Muhammad Saqalein1, Mohsin Khurshid4, Naveed Shahzad5 and Saima Muzammil1,*
Tahir Iqbal1, Umer Rashid1*, Naveed Shahzad2, Amber Afroz1Muhammad Faheem Malik3 and Muhammad Idrees4


Ahsan Anjum1, Asim Aslam1, Raheela Akhtar1, Tahir Yaqub2,  Muti-ur-Rehman Khan1, Rizwana Sultan3, Saba Usman1Aneela Zameer Durrani4 and Muhammad Usman4*
Mubashra Salim1, Omeira Ibrahim1, Hugo Vilhena2,3,4, Carla Maia5, André Pereira5, Maria Shahzeen1, Shabana Kalsoom1, Asim K. Mahmood6 and Furhan Iqbal1*
...udy was designed for the molecular detection of Mycoplasma haemofelis and Candidatus Mycoplasma haemominutum in feline blood samples collected from various pet clinics in Pakistan, by Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), using 16S rDNA as the target sequence. Clinical and epidemiological data was collected in all animals included in the study. M. haemofelis and C. Mycoplasma haemominutum DNA was detected by PCR respectively in 6.8% (10/...

Pravin Mishra1, Md. Muket Mahmud2, Md. Ahosanul Haque Shahid2, Alamgir Hasan2, Vivek Kumar Yadav3 and Moinul Hasan1* 

... was studied and further molecular detection confirms the presence of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus from the outer part of the wound but not from the inner part. The study helps and aware the veterinarians, health-workers, and general people regarding the situation of antibiotic resistance. As maggot helps in the reduction of bacteria, this can be used as medical therapy in the case of a different wound. 

Faryal Saad1,3, Zia Ur Rahman2, Aamir Khan3, Rabia Noushin4, Irfan Ullah5, Farman Ullah Dawar3,Shahid Naiz Khan3, Rafiqe Hussain6, Kenza Javed2Abid ur Rehman7, Amna Fayaz3, Zohra Saifullah3 and Kalim Ullah3*
...s the seroprevalence and molecular detection of CMV infection among pregnant women of districts Lakki Marwat and Bannu of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. A total of 188 blood samples were randomly collected from pregnant women of both districts and were examined through Enzyme-Linked Immunosorrbent Assay (ELISA) and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) for CMV. Out of total 88 samples, 73.40% were positive for CMV through ELISA and 57.44% were positive for CMV through PCR resp...
Ashara Sajid1, Muhammad Usman Ghazanfar1, Saeed Rauf 2, Zahoor Hussain3, Salman Ahmad1 and Yasir Iftikhar1,*
...udy not only detects the molecular detection of CGD in already identified samples through the iodo-starch test but also provides reliability for quick indexing of disease in the aforesaid field. Moreover, molecular detection also revealed the (standardization) of primers used in previous and current studies. Characteristic symptoms combined with molecular detection would be useful to formu...

El-Habbaa, A.S.

...ay (IFA) and
molecular detection of viral DNA using PCR. Positive results were showed in 36 of
samples (28/30 of sheep samples and 8/10 of goat samples)upon isolation on ECE by the
3rd passage and 22 of samples (17/28 of sheep isolates and 5/8 of goat isolates) using
AGIDT and indirect-IFA. PCR detection showed positive results with 30 /40 of samples
before isolation (23/30 and 7/10 of sheep and goat ...
Mansour, L. L.*; Othman, B. A. **; Abd-EL Ghaffar, M. H. **; Eman, M. Marai** and Sahar, A. Youssef* 

Abd El-Hamid, M.I1; Seham, A. ElZeedy1; El-Sanousi A.A2, Reda, I.M2, Nehal, S. Saleh1., Abbas, A.M1

Ashraf S. Khameis, lamya F. Atteya, Ayman H. Mansour, Heba A. Abdelhady, Ashraf A.

Shimaa M. Mansour, Reham M. ElBakrey, Ahmed Orabi, Haytham Ali, Amal A. Eid

... ARV infections. Further molecular detection of ARV within the 18
clinically affected samples (n=18) by RT-PCR using a specific primer set targeting a conserved
sequence within ARV- sigma C protein revealed 7/18 positive samples. All positive samples (7/18)
were successfully isolated on specific pathogen free embryonated chicken eggs (SPF-ECE). Additional
RT-PCR testing and re-isolation of ARV from ECEs of a bree...

Akram I. Aboelkhair1, Ayman H. El-Deeb2, Momtaz A. Shahin1 and Hussein A. Hussein2

Samira M. Bolis1, Magda Mahmoud2, Salah E. Gumma3, Naser E. Bilal1 and
Isam ElKhidir4
Houqiang Luo1*, Yanfang Lan2, Ping Gan3, Wenjun Zhou4, Meng Wang1
Bing Hu5, Zhuning Zhang5, Yu Bai1* and Kun Li6*
... collected from dogs and molecular detection methods were used to identify the tick species and CME by amplification of the cytochrome oxidase subunit I and disulfide oxidoreductase gene, respectively. The results indicated that 1.29% of the serum samples were positive for E. canis, and 5.50% of dogs were infested with ticks. The Wenzhou samples of R. sanguineus exhibited a high homology (99.7%–99.8%) and these parasites showed a 99.1%&ndas...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 53, Iss. 5, Pages 1603-2000


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