Jun Yan Bai*, Xiao Hong Wu, Shuai Yang, You Zhi Pang, Heng Cao, Hong Deng Fan, Xue Yan Fu, Kun Peng Shi and Xiao Ning Lu
...ference of 3-5 weeks old meat quails were measured.The results showed that the at 3-5 weeks of age, the body weight, chest depth, body length, shank length, and sternum length of the French giant female quail were significantly higher than those of the Savimite female quail (P<0.05), while only the body weight of the French giant male quail was significantly higher than that of the Savimite male quail (P<0.05). At 5 weeks old, the shank circumference of ...
Muhammad Tahir Khan1, Shahid Mehmood2*, Athar Mahmud2Khalid Javed3 and Jibran Hussain2


...o 10% compost to growing meat quails without compromising growth performance, carcass characteristics, serum biochemical indices, and immune antibody response of meat quails. Furthermore, the inclusion of compost in quail diet may reduce feed cost per kg live weight gain.
Jun Yan Bai*, Kun Peng Shi, Xiao Ning Lu, Xiao Hong Wu, Xue Yan Fu, Heng Cao, Hong Deng Fan, Meng Ke Chen and Yong Kang Ma
...ts demonstrated that: In meat quail, three genotypes (AA, BB and AB) were detected at locus A in the control region of MyoG 5’. For locus A, BB frequency of French giant quail and Savimit quail was the highest (0.531 and 0.750). For locus B, three genotypes (AA, AB and BB) were detected in Savimit quail, but only AA was detected in French giant quail. The BB frequency of Savimit quail was the highest, reaching 0.389. Locus A showed a significant c...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 53, Iss. 4, Pages 1201-1601


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