Sadia Munir1a, Asif Nadeem1a*, Maryam Javed1, Masroor Ellahi Babar2, Tanveer Hussain2, Wasim Shehzad1, Rajput Zahid Iqbal3 and Sidra Manzoor1 
...e. an ideal tool for marker-assisted selection of animals for future breeding programs.
Peng Ren1, Xian-Qing Liu1, Chao-Wu Yang2,3, Hua-Rui Du2,3, Xiao-Song Jiang2,3 and Yi-Ping Liu1*
...ortant reference for the marker-assisted selection of chickens during disease-resistance breeding.
Yifan Ni1, Jian Liu1, Fen Wu1, Jianfeng Cai1, Jinzhi Zhang1*, Jianqing Hua2 and Jiping Fu2
Jun Yan Bai1*, Ren Tao Di Wu2, Qiang Zhang2, Di Bao2, Le Ma Dao2 and Xing Hua Tian3 provide reference for marker-assisted selection of Sonid bactrian camels. The results showed that 64 alleles were detected in 17 microsatellite markers. The average number of alleles was 3.7647, the average heterozygosity was 0.6205, and the average polymorphism information content was 0.5602. It showed that the population of Sonid bactrian camel had high genetic diversity. Among 17 microsatellite markers, 4 microsatellites were found to be associated with ...
Zhilong Tian1, 2, Yuqin Wang2, Jishun Tang1,3 and Mingxing Chu1*
... provide a new locus for marker-assisted selection of high fecundity traits in sheep. A total of 384 small tail han sheep (STH) were sampled to detect single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP), and Sequenom Mass ARRAY®SNP assay was applied to genotype SNP loci of the SYNE2 gene. In this study, four SNPs were identified and that SNPs were identified that involved in amino acid changes. Population genetic analysis indicated that SYNE2 gen...

Pan Ziyi1, Ambreen Iqbal1, Gao Zhen1, Liu Juan1, Fang Xibi2, Jiang Ping1* and Zhao Zhihui1

...s a molecular marker for marker-assisted selection in beef cattle breeding.


Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 54, Iss. 5, Pages 2003-2500


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