Wenqiao Hui1, Jishun Tang1, Dejian Zhu1, Qian Ban2* and Sheng Chen1*
... tissue via its receptor leptin receptor through the JAK2/STA3 signal pathways, promote the upregulation of KISS1, which activates TRPC5, and, inhibit the release of NPY, thereby promoting the release of GnRH, thus hastening the onset of puberty in goat. During this process, leptin, LEPR and its signal pathways may act as a link between the adipose and puberty onset in goat. However, further more studies need to be carried out to verify this point.
HuaBin Zhang1,2, YaSen Li1, Tao Pan1, Peng Yan1, En Li1, Hui Xue1 and XiaoBing Wu1,*
...ferous tubule of testis, leptin receptor staining was detected in the adipocyte of white adipose tissue, the gastric gland and submucosa of the stomach, the submucosa, muscular layer and intestine villi of the intestine, the granulose cell and follicular membrane cell of the ovary and the interstitial cell and seminiferous tubule of the testis. Moreover, we investigated seasonal changes of leptin in plasma of Chinese alligator by radioimmunoassay method. Our r...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 53, Iss. 5, Pages 1603-2000


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