Hazrat Nabi1, Irshad Hussain2, Muhammad Adil3, Amar Nasir3,*, Arbab Sikandar3, Saeed Khan1 and Nasrullah Khan3


...; Plus 3.0) on the humoral immunity, lymphoid organs and growth performance of broilers. In this study, a total of 118 day-old broiler chicks were used, of which 108 were randomly divided into 6 groups (A to F) on day 14th. Aflatoxins derived from Aspergillus parasiticus were mixed in the feed measuring 150 ppb and fed to various broiler groups. Mycotoxin binders were also added into the feed and offered to group E and F from 14th<...
Mumtaz Ali Khan1,*, Sher Bahadar Khan2, Shakoor Ahmad2, Irshad Ahmad3, Ikramul Haq4, Kashif Prince1, Asad Ullah5, Muhammad Shoaib2, Shahid Zaman6, Amjad Islam Aqib7, Ghazunfar Rashid1, Mahboob Ali1, Imdad Ullah Khan4,Imad Khan5, Naimat Ullah4 and Muhammad Shahid8
...min E supplementation on humoral immunity against Clostridium perfringens type D epsilon toxin in goats to sort out better immunogenic approach. This study was conducted on total of 36 healthy animal of equal number of rabbits and goats. Each species was divided randomly into three equal (n=6) groups. Group A was supplemented vitamin E and group B was without vitamin E supplementation in both species. Animals of both groups were vaccinated with enteroto...

Walaa Abd El-Fatah S. Metwally1, Ismail M. Reda2, Ahmed A. El-Sanousi2, Mohamed Abd El-Khalek Ali2

.... The results of testing humoral immunity revealed that the prepared vaccines with Montanide ISA70VG containing 350 HA unit/dose were high in antibody titer than vaccines containing 256 and 100 HA unit/dose. The prepared vaccines with Montanide ISA 70VG containing 256 HA unit/dose gave high antibody titer than vaccines containing 100 HA unit/dose. The ratio of 30% Chicken strain of AI to 70 % Duck strain of AI gave the best result of antibody titer followed by...

Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences


Vol. 11, Iss. 2, Pages 189-354


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