Zheng Quan Jiang1,2, Feng Shan Li3, Jiang Hong Ran1,*, Chen Hao Zhao1, Man Zhang1 and Hua Li4
...Plateau and the adjacent high altitude areas of China, Bhutan, Pakistan, and India. Study on nest type and size is useful for understanding the life history, evolution and adaptation of birds. A survey was conducted on nest size and the underlying regulatory factors of Black-necked Cranes from 25 March to 31 July in 2013 and 2014 at Ruoergai Internationally Important Wetland and its surrounding area, covering 83 nests. Four types of nests were found in the are...
Jia-kui Li1,2,*, Kun Li2, Zhao-qing Han2, Hui Zhang2, Xiao-qiang Wang2, Hou-qiang Luo2, Yan-fang Lan2 and Gang Qiu1,2
...ince, a cold climate and high altitude area of China. Totally, 516 yak serum samples were randomly got during 2012 to 2014. BVDV was found highly prevalent among the adult yaks (51.1%; 95% CI: 46.5-55.6) and calves (60.5%; 95% CI: 43.4-76.0), respectively. The prevalence of BVDV infection in 2012 to 2014 was 45.3% (95% CI: 38.6%-52.1%); 56.0% (95% CI: 49.7-62.2) and 60.5% (95% CI: 43.4-76.0), respectively with a significant difference in the three years (P<...
Wang-Dui Basang1, Tian-Wu An2, Luo-Bu Danjiu3, Yan-Bin Zhu1, Shi-Cheng He3, Xiao-Lin Luo2, Wei-Wei Ni4, Xiao Wang4, Shu-Zhu Cheng4, Jian Wang4 and Guang-Xin E4,*
...omestic animal living at high altitudes in the Tibetan plateau that is economically important for the Tibetan people. In this study, we investigated the diversity and phylogeography of four geographic ecotype populations of the Naqu yak (133 individuals) using an 811-bp mitochondrial DNA D-loop region sequence. In total, 57 polymorphic sites, including 54 single-nucleotide polymorphisms and 3 single-nucleotide copy number variants, and 59 haplotypes were detec...

 Honghai Zhang1,*, Yao Chen1, Xiaoyang Wu1, Shuai Shang2, Jun Chen2, Jiakuo Yan1, Qinguo Wei1, Xibao Wang1, Yongqiang Lu3 and Huanxin Zhang2

...e area) and Group B (the high altitude area). we studied the basic structure of the gut microbiota by sequencing high throughput sequencing of the 16S rRNA gene V3-V4 hypervariable regions. The differences of gut microbiota in the Tibetan wild ass at different altitudes were compared. We obtained 1474595 16S rRNA gene sequences. The study observed 163genera belonging to 19 phyla in Group A while 210 genera belonging to 19 phyla in Group B withBacteroidetes and...
Fangqing Liu1, Jared Atlas2, Chaohao Du1, Anoop Das3 and Longying Wen1*
...ed them into two groups: high altitude (>1500m) and low altitude (<1500m). The results that all morphological size measures of males were significantly higher than those of females (P<0.05). Most measures of size at low altitude significantly greater than those at high altitudes, including body weight, body length, and wing length for males (P<0.05), and body weight and wing length for females. The ...

Saied Belal1, Ashraf Albrakati1*, Khalaf Alsharif2, Saad Al-Shehri2, Mohamed Alblihed3, Malik Almuqati4, Anfal Alsharif5, Alaa Albarakati6 and Anas Al-sharif7

... province, Saudi Arabia (high altitude area) to provide guidelines for neonatal assessment in high lands. A cross-sectional study included 1534 newborns in Taif city (2000 to 2400 meters above sea level), Western Province of Saudi Arabia, collected during a period of 6 months (from November 2014 through April 2015). The newborns and their mothers were subjected to various measurements of body dimensions and body weight. The data were developed in comparison wi...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 54, Iss. 5, Pages 2003-2500


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