R. Hussain* and A. N. Naqvi**

.... 57.91±0.342 cm, heart girth 83.58±0.628 cm vs. 70.42±0.702 cm and body length 78.18±0.355 cm vs. 70.10±2.160 cm in males vs. females of Gojali goat. The data on growth traits indicated the average birth weight, weaning weight and adult weight as 1.53±0.070, 7.04±0.17 and 41.38±0.39 kg in males against 1.28±0.04, 5.61±0.58 and 25.21±0.37 kg in female specimens. The weaning age and ad...
Ali Mujtab Shah1,2,3, Muhammad Naeem2, Muhammad Giasuddin Shah2, Muhammad Haaroon2, Quanhui Peng1 and Zhisheng Wang1,*
...Whereas; withers height, heart girth and body length were found non-significant (p > 0.05) among the groups. The morbidity rate of calves fed different levels of colostrum by ST, NF and NS, diarrhea was found 40, 80 and 60% calves affected among the groups respectively, whereas pneumonia problem was observed as 20, 40 and 60% calves were affected accordingly. It is concluded from the present study theconcentration of serum IgG following administration of co...
Muhammad Arslan Akbar1, Khalid Javed2, Asim Faraz3* and Abdul Waheed3
...h (NL), neck width (NW), heart girth (HG), rump length (RL), rump width (RW), tail length (TL), barrel depth (BD), sacral pelvic width (SPW), birth weight (BiW), Live body weight (BW), teat length (TEL), teat diameter (TED), testes length (TsL), testes width (TsW) and scrotal circumference (ScD). Male and female animals were placed in two separate groups. The correlation coefficients among most of the morphometric traits were high and significant (P≤ 0.01) ...

Thobela Louis Tyasi1*, Lubabalo Bila2, Nkgaugelo Kgasago3, Siza Mthi4 

...sitively correlated with heart girth (HG) and rump height (RH) in males, while in females, BW was positively correlated with RH, body length (BL), withers height (WH) and shoulder height (SH). The findings of the study suggest that rump height can be used as an accurate indicator/good management tool for goat selection and breeding programs in improvement of BW. The findings of the current study might also help goat farmers to have a better understanding of mo...

Victoria Rankotsane Hlokoe, Thobela Louis Tyasi* 

...asurement traits such as heart girth (HG), body weight (BW), rump width (RW), body length (BL), head length (HL), withers height (WH), ear length (EL), rump height (RH), head width (HW) and sternum height (SH), and to detect the best-fitted regression model for the prediction of BW of Nguni cattle. A total of 70 Nguni cattle (59 females and 11 males) aged 2-4 years were employed in the current study. Pearson’s correlation and stepwise regression techniqu...

Madumetja Cyril Mathapo and Thobela Louis Tyasi*

... (BW), body length (BL), heart girth (HG), rump height (RH), withers height (WH) and sternum height (SH) were measured. Pearson’s correlation and simple linear regression were used for data analysis. Phenotypic correlation outcomes indicated that SC had a positive statistically significant (P<0.05) correlation with BW (r = 0.425) and non-significant correlation with BL (r = 0.108), HG (r = 0.082), RH (r = 0.038), WH (r = 0.097) and SH (r = 0.280), whi...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 54, Iss. 5, Pages 2003-2500


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