A.A. Oyerinde, P.Z. Chuwang, P.Z. and G.T. Oyerinde

Evaluation of the effects of climate change on increased in-cidence of cowpea pests in Nigeria
...e the effects of induced global warming on cowpea production in the country and also provide effective control of the identified pest in order to maintain or stall resurgence. 

Telat Yanik1,* and Irfan Aslan2
...ative to investigate the global warming on aquaculture welfare and productivity. Our current understandings on impacts of altered climate dictate a weak relationship between global warming and naturally occurring migrations. However, several models have been presented that elucidate the negative impact of global warming on the aquatic biodiversity. While impact of ...

 Ali Ahsan Bajwa*, Ehsanullah*, Shakeel Ahmad Anjum*, Wahaj Nafees*, Mohsin Tanveer* and Hafiz Salman Saeed*

...ution, soil degradation, global warming, climatic change and food deterioration. Conservation agriculture offers a sustainable solution for all these problems most often. This review focuses the use of fertilizers in conservation agriculture and their impact on weed management. Weeds are major constraint in the productivity of agro-ecosystems. Fertilizer use can influence weed emergence, weed persistence, weed dormancy, weed dynamics, weed growth and weed disp...

  Sohaib Arshad*, Sarwat Naz Mirza*, Imtiaz Ahmad Qamar** and Maqbool Shahbaz**

...r important minerals. As global warming is increasing, overall water scarcity is resulting in deterioration of natural resources, and it is need of the hour to find fodder crop resources which are more accustomed to change climatic conditions. Hence, different exotic and indigenous varieties of Rhodes grass were tested for quality and yield parameters. Three varieties were imported from Australia and Zimbabwe namely Sabre, Tolgar (Australian) and Katambora (Zi...

Muhammad Zulfiqar1*, Muhammad Jamal Khan1, Irshad Khan Abbasi2, Muhammad Tariq2, Jawad Ali3, Melad Karim4 and Rizwan Ahmad1 

...pires that the effect of global warming in Himalaya and Karakorum Mountains has already set in. Any further increase in global temperature as predicted in many studies will further increase glacier melt rate which could result in extinction of glaciers in the long run. Such a situation will have serious implications for Skardu and water availability in River Indus and thus for Pakistan whose major water requirements are met from snow/glacier melt from the Rive...
Gokhan Sahin1, Ecevit Eyduran2,*, Mete Turkoglu3 and Fatma Sahin2
...tudies with the scope of global warming.

Ejaz Ashraf1*, Hafiz Khurram Shurjeel2, Nosheen Fatima1, Raheel Babar3 and Ikramul Haq4  

...sing through the time of global warming and climate variation, new issues for farming community are on the rise. These issues are related to protection of natural environment and biodiversity which is one of the critical problems encounter by farmers of Pakistan. It is vitally important to take proactive measures to enact timely solutions to this issue, and avoid further losses in biodiversity. The present study was aimed to determine the awareness level of th...
Juan Augusto Hernández-Rivera1, Jaime Molina-Ochoa2,*, Luis Jorge García-Márquez1, Omar Francisco Prado-Rebolledo1, Rafael Julio Macedo-Barragán1, Arturo César García-Casillas1 and Muhammad Irfan Ullah3
...ttlemen concerned by the global warming and greenhouse effect in the environment. This review shows and update of the crossbreeding in dairy cattle in both hemispheres. Here, is reviewed the effect of heat stress on dairy cattle; the mechanism of autoregulation; the benefits of the heterosis in crossbreeding cattle by hybridization; the body condition score in crossbred dairy cattle; the yields in crossbreds; here is also discussed that even when there have be...

Usman Ghani*, Naeem Ijaz* and Daulat Khan**

...;danger of floods due to global warming. The overbank flow studies are important for understanding flow behavior and bed shear stresses during floods and for devising flood protection strategies. This study is based on three dimensional numerical simulation of overbank flows in meandering channels. Four different flow cases were considered. The cases vary from each other in the sense of bed slope and overbank flow depth. There were two over...

Nadeem Abbas Shah1*, Ejaz Ashraf1, Hafiz Khurram Shurjeel2, Zaheer ud Din Mirani3, Usman Rafique1 and Raees Abbas Shah4

Assessing Perceptions of the Households-heads Regarding Food Security Status in Drought-hit Areas of District Tharparkar, Sindh, Pakistan: A Case Study for Agricultural Extension
...ved that factors such as global warming and climate change, unproductive land, depleting water resources, unavailability of drought-tolerant crop varieties, lack of health facilities, lack of awareness for food security measures, lack of Extension services in the area, limited income resources, and insufficient information for food security were the main factors cause food insecurity in the study area. The results further described the strategies adopted by re...
Minghao Gong1*, Shiliang Pang2, Zhongyan Gao2, Wanyu Wen1, Ling Zhang3, Gang Liu1, Huixin Li1, Fawen Qian4 and Wenfeng Wang2
...e changes that accompany global warming and will contribute to RCC habitat degradation.

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 53, Iss. 6, Pages 2001-2521


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