Ayesha Saeed*, Mobina Naqvi and Ahsan Javed 

...s the effect of maternal food insecurity on birth weight of neonates in Lahore, Pakistan.Ina prospective cohort conducted at Shalamar Hospital Lahore; from April to August 2016, written informed consents were obtained from 103 eligible pregnant women. Data on demography was collected through a structured questionnaire and exposure was assessed through 6-items Version of U.S. Household Food Security Survey and cohort was followed until delivery, and birth weigh...

 Umar Ijaz Ahmed*, Liu Ying**, Muhammad Khalid Bashir***,
Muhammad Amjed Iqbal*, Muhammad Rizwan*, Muhammad Mazhar
Iqbal****, Muhammad Rafi Qamar***** and Aftab Nazeer******

...et imperfections lead to food insecurity in the country. Government should formulate better policies and develop infrastructure towards better and efficient market function. The results of this study will help the policy makers to formulate a better policy to enhance marketing function to overcome food insecurity situation.


Khush Bukhat Zahid1*, Ghaffar Ali2, Samina Sabir1 and Mohammad Fayaz2 

...tivity and contribute to food insecurity in Pakistan. However, variation in temperature displays a stable trend and has significant positive impact on crop yield. This is contrary to our expectation that high temperature results in low agricultural productivity. This analysis is useful from the stand point of policy makers and analysts as it will help them develop policies relating to improvement in agricultural sector in the context of climate change. 

Amara Amjad Hashmi1,2,*, Maqbool Hussain Sial3, Waqar Akram4 and Maaida Hussain Hashmi5,6

...an through measuring the food insecurity, malnutrition during last decade (2005-14). This study takes lead from earlier studies, in a sense; it covers two food price hike periods (2007 and 2011). So, it is important to understand, how food insecurity status and nutrition are affected by these shocks during this period. Thus, we use nationally representative data called as Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES) from 2...
Ayesha Chaudhary1, Fouzia Mumtaz1, Muhammad Yaseen2* and Muhammad Younis Afzal3 
...ther associated issue of food insecurity in the continent and emerge severe problem for a human to survive. Climatic change is definitely disturbing the farming approaches through an increase in disease spread, and careless usage of natural resources. Due to these effects, pastoral families are at high risk, hence there is a need to make farmers aware of the reasons and causes of climate change so that they may contribute to their side in actively advocating t...

Essossinam Ali* 

...dress climatic risks and food insecurity in the study areas should take into account farm households’ attitudes towards risks. Farmers are encouraged for regular visit to extension services whlie policymakers should give special attention to factors such as credit facilities and market access through development of transportation infrastructure in order to reduce farmers’ risk aversion in the study areas. 


Nadeem Abbas Shah1*, Ejaz Ashraf1, Hafiz Khurram Shurjeel2, Zaheer ud Din Mirani3, Usman Rafique1 and Raees Abbas Shah4

Assessing Perceptions of the Households-heads Regarding Food Security Status in Drought-hit Areas of District Tharparkar, Sindh, Pakistan: A Case Study for Agricultural Extension
...ating with the threat of food insecurity. Tharparkar, (the largest desert area not only in Pakistan but also in the South Asian region) is considered at the front line district in the country about food insecurity and malnourishment. The purpose of this study was to assess the perceptions of the respondents for ongoing food security status in the district of Tharparkar, Sindh-Pakistan and to highlight the role of extension s...
Raheel Saqib1*, Muhammad Luqman2, Saleem Ashraf3, Tahir Munir Butt4, Abdur Rehman5, Imtiaz Hussain6 and Muhammad Umer Mehmood2
...ldquo;minimize household food insecurity” was perceived as the highest with the utmost mean (4.71/5.00). Rural female in the research area faced a number of constraints inefficient adoption of family farming practices. Out of these constraints “non-availability of female rural development practitioners/workers” was on the top with maximum mean value (4.66/5.00). The study recommended that there is a need to educate female farmers involved in ...
Javaria Sherani1,2*, Muhammad Saleem Jilani1, Tanveer Ahmad2, Sohail Kamaran3, Abdul Manan2, Tehseen Ali Jilani2 and Mateen Sajid2
...n population are causing food insecurity situation in developing countries like Pakistan. Major food crops are seemed failing to fulfill food requirements hence, it is imperative to search for alternate food sources. Ber could be very handy alternate food crop if its yield and quality is enhanced. Grafting is a widely used technique to improve yield, disease resistance and fruit quality. This work aims to assess the effect of grafting on production, fruit ripe...

Sarhad Journal of Agriculture


Vol. 37, Iss. 1, Pages 1-330


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