Mousa O. Germoush1,*, Mohsen G. Al-Mutary2, Ahmad R. Al-himaidi3, Muath G. Al-Ghadi3, Daisaku Iwamoto3,4, Yousef Al-anazi3, Aiman Ammari3, Javed Ahmad3,5, Abdulaziz Al-Khedhairy3,5
...optosis (Bax and Bcl-2), embryo development (LAMA1, IL-6 and FGF4) and stress (HSPB1) were examined. The results showed that 10% and 20% SFF supplementation exerted no effect on maturation and cleavage percentage whereas 40% SFF supplementation significantly decreased maturation and cleavage. SFF supplemented at 10% concentration showed a significant increase in blastocyst development when compared with other groups. Gene expression analysis revealed a signifi...

 Xu Lijie, Obaid Ullah, Liu Haixing, Ihsan Ali, Zhongshu Li* and Nan-Zhu Fang*

... significantly decreased embryo development, increased the intracellular ROS level, and upregulated the expression levels of the NADPH oxidase genes NOX2, DUOX1, and NOXA1. By contrast, embryo treatment with pioglitazone after H2O2 exposure promote embryo development, significantly decreased the ROS level, downregulates the expression levels of NOX2, DUOX1, and NOXA1, and upregulated the expression leve...
Hong Ma*, Bo Fu, Liang Wang, Zhong-qiu Li and Di Liu*


...eported to play roles in embryo development, thus we assessed c-Fos, c-Jun, Raf-1, and c-Myc mRNA expression in HSPC117 transgenic and pcDNA 3.1 blastocysts. It was revealed that over-expression of HSPC117 mRNA in blastocysts up-regulated c-Fos, c-Jun, Raf-1, and c-Myc mRNA expression. We suggest that over-expressed HSPC117 is an important contributing factor to the development of HMC embryo...
Junli Sun1,2,3, Lin Bai1 2, Xiaogan Yang1,2, Yangqing Lu1,2, Shengsheng Lu1,2,* and Kehuan Lu1,2,*
... from microopetations on embryo development, we analyzed 60 the spent culture media of porcine parthenogenetic embryos experienced different types of microopetation using Raman spectroscopy. The results showed that Group II with the puncture of egg zona and plasma membrane had the highest cleavage rate and blastocyst rate of porcine parthenogenetic embryos, which was significantly higher than Group I with intact oocytes (P<0.05) and Group III with the punct...
Lei Gao1, Gong-xue Jia2, Zheng-yuan Huang1, Ming-xing Yue3, Chao Zhang1, Shi-en Zhu1 and Xiang-wei Fu1,*
... on meiosis progression, embryo developmental competence and DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs) in mouse oocytes and resultant early embryos. Germinal vesicle (GV) oocytes were first cultured to monitor the progression of germinal vesicle breakdown (GVBD) and polar body extrusion (PBE) during in vitro maturation (IVM), then the harvested metaphase II (MII) oocytes were parthenogenetically activated to evaluate pronuclear (PN) formation of parthenogenetic e...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 53, Iss. 4, Pages 1201-1601


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