R. Hussain* and A. N. Naqvi**

...smn;1.908 days. The mean dry period in Gojali goat was 153±2.285 days. The mean production of hair and Pashmina was 0.421±0.2 and 0.012 kg per year, respectively. The length of hair and Pashmina averaged 17±0.71 and 2.4±0.6 cm, respectively. The age of first breeding in both sexes averaged 18±0.160 months and service period 190.45±4.138 days. The conception rate was 85% and the twining percentage was zero.


Hafiz Muhammad Umer Qaisar1, Tanveer Ahmad2, Muhammad Rizwan3*, Muhammad Saqib1

Antimicrobial efficacy of combination of lincomycin and spiramycin (Lispiracin™) as systemic dry cow therapy for controlling bovine mastitis
...astitis through systemic dry period therapy,
present study was designed. A total of 20 dry pregnant cows were selected
randomly at the end of lactation and divided into two equal G1 and G2 groups.
Group G1 was treated with lincomycin@ 5mg/kg (IM) and spiramycin@ 10 mg/kg
(IM) (Inj. lispiracin®) at end of lactation and at 14th day pre calving while group G2
was kept as control. Samples of milk were collected aseptically at...
Ihsanullah*, Muhammad Subhan Qureshi, Sohail Akhtar and Syed Muhammad Suhail
...m ovulation interval and dry period. Calving interval, postpartum ovulation interval and dry period were significantly longer in the spring season while age at first calving was significantly longer in autumn. Significantly high milk production was found in HF 50%. Peak daily milk yield and lactation length were significantly higher in autumn and spring respectively. Animals with highest exotic blood levels showed the trend ...
Hüseyin Erdem* and Ibrahim Cihangir Okuyucu
...determine the effects of dry period length (DPL), average daily milk yield (ADMY), parity and calving season on some colostrum quality traits in Holstein cows. The material of the study consisted of 51 Holstein Friesian cows. The specific gravity of colostrum, fat, non-fat dry matter (NDM) and protein percentages were measured for colostrum produced at 2, 24, 48 and 72 h after birth. The specific gravity of colostrum (colostrum quality) was determined using a ...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 52, Iss. 3, Pages 825-1224


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