Naushad Khan1*, Shahnaz Akhtar1, Munir Khan1, Shaista Naz2, Javeria Tanveer1 and Muhammad Kaleem3

...stics, paired t-test and correlation analysis were used to analyze the data. It was found, that ZTBL credit program has overall a positive effect on maize productivity in the study area. Majority of the credit beneficiaries were small scale farmers who obtained medium term credit followed by short term credit type. Thus, higher amount of credit was disbursed under the category of medium term followed by short term. The average yield, cost and return for the ma...
Muhammad Qadir Ahmad¹*, Farheen Ashraf Raza¹, Abdul Qayyum¹, Waqas Malik¹, Rao Wali Muhammad2, Muhammad Asif Saleem1, Amir Hamza2, Ahmad Baksh Mahar3
...sis of variance. Pearson correlation analysis depicted significant positive association between NL and BW. SV also revealed positive association with SI. BW showed positive association with NLB, NS and SI. LA showed positive association with NL. Path coefficient analysis was utilized to partition the direct and indirect effects of different traits on BW. Path coefficient analysis revealed positive direct effect of NS on BW. Similarly, SI illustrated positive i...

Arshad Iqbal1*, Iftikhar Hussain Khalil1, Syed Mehar Ali Shah1 and Muhammad Sharif Kakar

Safdar Ali1*, Ghulam Abbas Shah1, Muhammad Naveed Tahir1, Shahid Mehmood2, Asim Gulzar3 , Ijaz Ahmad4 and Bashir Ahmad Khan5 systems, whereas, the correlation analysis proved that soil porosity and tillage intensity have a strong and positive correlation with wheat grain yield. In conclusion soil moisture dynamics can be improved by combine use of no-till and glyphosate herbicide (NT + GH)while soil porosity, its productivity and wheat economical yield in rainfedagriculture can be enhance by once mould board plowing following 4 cultivations with planker (1 MBP + 4 CS). However, f...

Afsheen Masood1*, Rubab Musarrat2, Shama Mazahir3 and Adeela Ashraf4  

... it was indicated by the correlation analysis that better greater satisfaction was associated with better quality of life. The findings carry significant implications for clinical professionals, health psychologists, community workers and the future researchers. 


 Naveed Jehan*, Khalid Mahmood Aujla**, Muhammad Shahzad*, Abid Hussain**, Muhammad Zahoor*, Majid Khan* and Ahmed Bilal*

...through simple averages, correlation analysis and paired t-test. Average yield of bitter -1 gourd crop was 23569 kg acre with cell phone use of 8h per season. It is perceived that low communication cost and availability of information about wholesale market prices through SMS service and low cost calling packages will help farmers and market agents in improving bitter gourd production and its marketing, respectively.


 Frasat Saeed*, Jehanzeb Farooq*, Abid Mahmood**, Tassawar Hussain***, Muhammad Riaz* and Saghir Ahmad****

...iple components (PC) and correlation analysis were employed to identify the suitable genotypes that can be further exploited in breeding programme. Significant associations were found between yield contributing trait, boll weight and fiber related trait, staple length. Earliness related traits, like st st days taken to 1 square and days taken to 1 flower had positive correlation with each other and both these traits also showed their positive association with ...
Jun-Ying Liu, He-He Liu*, Jie Kou, Yang-Mei Zhao, Ji-Wen Wang, Liang Li and Xiao-Hui Du
...>>0.05). Furthermore, correlation analysis showed a positive relationship between the mRNA expression of TLR4 and concentrations of TNF-α and IL-12. These results revealed that although there were no significant effects of LPS injection on TLR4 mRNA expression in lymphoid organs, the response to LPS may not mainly rely on the transcription of TLR4, and the downstream molecular response in the immune system may contribute more to t...
Jun Yan Bai1,*, Yong Gang Zhao2 and Yu Qin Wang1
...l foundation for further correlation analysis with growth indexes of goats. 

Muhamad Jawad*, Shahid Riaz Malik, Muhammad Aqeel Sarwar, Muhammad Asadullah, Israr Hussain and Rabia Khalid 

Tanveer Ahmad1*, Muhammad Mujtaba Rafiq1, Waqas Ahmed Dogar2, Abid Mahmood Alvi3, Qumer Iqbal4, Muhammad Azam5 and Arshad Ali Khan6 

...was further estimated by correlation analysis. Results indicated that phosphorus application @ 150g plant-1 has improved various traits i.e. number of fruit bush-1 (4866.7), yield bush-1 (2.19 kg), single fruit weight (0.656 g), number of fruiting nodes (12.18) and number of sprouted shoots cane-1 (13.89). However, vegetative characters particularly leaf area showed negative correlation (-0.264) with the increased amount of phosphorus. Fruit diameter (p=0.993...

Noorullah Khan1*, Farrukh Siyar Hamid1, Fayaz Ahmad1, Sabaz Ali Khan2, Imtiaz Ahmed1, Muhammad Abbas Khan1, Shamsul Islam1, Abdul Waheed1, Basharat Hussain Shah1 and Hussain Shah

Tong Feng, Zilu Zhang, Minghao Qu, Chan Luo, Laiba Shafique, Qingyou Liu and Kuiqing Cui*
...nificance for the future correlation analysis between MC1R gene and Nubian goat wool color traits and the color genetic mechanism of Nubian goats.

Saleem Ashraf1, Raheel Saqib2*, Zakaria Yousuf Hassan3, Muhammad Luqman4 and Abdur Rehman5  

Mohammad Aquil Siddiqui1*, Muhammad Tahir Khan1, Ghulam Shah Nizamani1, Shafquat Yasmeen1, Imtiaz Ahmed Khan1, Abdullah Khatri1 and Nighat Seema Soomro2 

Fazli Ahad1, Raziuddin1, Nazir Ahmad1,2*, Muhammad Nauman1, Touheed Iqbal3, Nabeel Khan1, Fazli Hameed4 and Quaid Hussain2 

Paul Oludare Adetunji* and Safiriyu Idowu Ola subjected to Spearman correlation analysis. The result showed that the plumage colour influenced (p<0.05) the onset of puberty in the cockerels with lower age at puberty, 155.29±2.41 days and 160.09±2.41 days recorded in brown and black cockerels, respectively compared to their barred counterpart, 167.23±2.41 days. Black cocks had the highest (p<0.05) semen volume (0.84±0.03ml) and sperm output (3.47±0.13×109/e...

Javed Iqbal1, Ali Zohaib1*, Muzzammil Hussain1, Adnan Bashir1, Muhammad Hamza2, Wardah Muzaffer3, Muhammad Tahir Latif1 and Naeem Faisal1 

 Muhammad Shaheen*, Muhammad Shahbaz*, Zahoor ur Rehman* and Sajid Mehmood*

...alculated by statistical correlation analysis. After finding exploration SI, multiple regression is used to predict optimal hydrocarbon exploration rate which will ensure sustainable energy development within the country.
Yan Zhou1,2, Hai Xia Han1,2, Qiu Xia Lei1,2, Jin Bo Gao1,2, Wei Liu1,2, Fu Wei Li1,2, Jie Liu1,2 and Ding Guo Cao1,2*
...frequency of 91.75%. The correlation analysis showed that diplotypes (H1H1, H2H2 and H3H3) were significantly associated with egg production at age of 40W (E40) (P=0.0342) and egg production at age of 43W (E43) (P=0.0184). The egg production at age of 38W (E38), E40 and E43 of H2H2 chickens were all higher than those of the H1H1 and H3H3 chickens. Compared with H1H1 and H3H3 chickens, the highest mRNA levels of VLDLR were found in ovary, 6 mm - 8...

Paul Oludare Adetunji* and Safiriyu Idowu Ola

Comparative Productive Performance among three Plumage Varieties of Noiler Hens subjected to Spearman correlation analysis. Plumage colour difference had a significant (P<0.05) effect on the onset of puberty as lower age at first egg were recorded in brown and black pullets compared to the barred pullets. Black hens had the best performance in most of the egg production indices with the values of 61.57±0.56g, 68.38±2.49%, 157±3.55 eggs, 2.39±0.05, NGN266.56±8.31 and 12 weeks (at 85.37%) for egg wei...

Attiq ur Rehman1,2*, Iftikhar Hussain Khalil3 and Ihtisham Ali4

Genetic Diversity and Traits Association in Tetraploid and Hexaploid Wheat Genotypes in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan
Jun Yan Bai*, Zhi Hao Dong, Hui Rong Gong, Xiao Ning Lu and Zi Heng Li
Muhammad Hamayoon Khan*, Niaz Hussain Khuhro, Muhammad Awais, Muhammad Usman Asif and Raza Muhammad

Muhammad Akhtar1, Muhammad Tariq Mahmood2*, Kaiser Latif Cheema1, Mushtaq Ahmad2, Muhammad Jahanzaib Khalid1, Amir Amin1, Javed Anwar Shah1, Zeeshan Qadeer1 and Zeshan Ali3

Nadeem Anwar1, Muhammad Luqman2*, Shaoib Nasir3, Moazzam Sabir1, Hafiz Bashir Ahmad4 and Saleem Ashraf5 The results of inter-correlation analysis of variables, which are considered to be a constraining factor in citrus production confirms that most of the variables are interrelated and by resolving one, may lead to the resolution of other accompanying factors. 


Sarhad Journal of Agriculture


Vol. 37, Iss. 3, Pages 714-1097


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