María Magdalena Crosby-Galván1, Bernardino Espinoza-Velasco1 and Mónica Ramirez-Mella2,*
...uminants elaborated with corn stover, corn grain and soybean meal, and three experimental diets with 10, 20 and 30% dry residue of chihua pumpkin instead of corn stover. Dry matter digestibility and gas production was determined at 24 h of incubation in ruminal fluid obtained from two Holstein cows with a ruminal cannula. Randomized block experimental design was used as and a comparison of means was performed by the Tukey te...

Ronny A.V. Tuturoong1*, Sony A. E. Moningkey1 and Nova L.I.M. Ogi2 combinations: T1 (70% corn stover+0% king grass+30% concentrate; T2 (35% corn stover+35% king grass+30 % concentrate; T3 (0% corn stover+70% king grass+30% concentrate. Fecal of HF was collected every day for ten weeks after adaptation. Dry matter (DM), organic matter (OM), neutral detergent fiber (NDF), acid detergent fiber digestibility (ADFD), NH3 synthesis and efficiency of microbia...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 55, Iss. 1, Pages 1-500


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