Aneela Qureshi1, Ammara Ainee1*, Muhammad Nadeem1, Masooma Munir1,2*, Tahir Mahmood Qureshi1, Saqib Jabbar2
...sory attributes and microbiological properties of fruit cakes were examined during 30 days of storage. Results showed that with varying fiber content water activity, texture, color, moisture, fat, protein, ash, NFE and fiber content changed significantly (p<0.05). Gross energy level in cake which is desirable by consumers was reduced but high fiber cake was dark colored, low in volume and with increased hardness. Treatment (T3) containing 5.6g gr...
Muhammad Yahya1, Muhammad Afzal1, Muhammad Zeeshan Majeed1*, Imtiaz Sarwar1, Khurram Shehzad2, Muhammad Luqman3 and 
Sher Muhammad Shahzad2
...hysico-chemical and microbiological properties were also determined in order to find out the main edaphic drivers which can explain the population dynamics of these microarthropods. Results revealed that all major factors i.e. land-use types and categories, collection seasons and soil properties had a significant impact on the population abundance of springtails and mites. Agricultural soils harbored maximum abundance of both microarthropods followed by...

Caiyun Ma1, Hebao Wen1, Lu Li2, Gaofeng Liu1, Chunjing Wang1, Yu Guo1, Shiji Fang1, Hongyu Wang1* and Changqing Liu1*

...tudy aimed to unveil the biological properties and differentiation multipotency of CSPCs. CSPCs were characterized by the clonogenicity, growth curves and karyotype analysis, respectively. The results showed that the CSPCs of Tibetan mastiff displayed self-renewal ability, proliferative potential, and hereditary stability. Moreover, the CSPCs of Tibetan mastiff also positively expressed recognized surface antigens of human CSPCs. Additionally, CSPCs exhibited ...

Chooi Lin Phooi1, Elisa Azura Azman1* and Roslan Ismail2,3

... physical, chemical, and biological properties and eventually enhanced plant growth and yield production. Bokashi enhances the plant’s initial and later growth performance, including seed germination, seedling survival rate, fruit diameter, fruit size, fresh and dry matter, chlorophyll content, leaves the area, leaves number, plant nutrient, sugar, total soluble solid, organic acid, and ascorbic acid. No doubt, plant growth performance is closed related ...

Sarhad Journal of Agriculture


Vol. 38, Iss. 4, Pages 1160-1546


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