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Effects of Gamma Irradiation on some Growth Attributes in Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Effects of Gamma Irradiation on some Growth Attributes in Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Saleem Khan1, Amir Hamza2, Farhadullah Khan3, M. Subhan4, Aziz Khan1, Irfan Ali Shah1, Shakirullah Khan Shakir3*

1University of Science and Technology Bannu, KPK; 2Qaid e Azam University, Isalamabad; 3Hazara University, Mansehra, KPK; 4Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Sheringal, Dir Upper, KPK; 5University of Science and technology, KUST, Kohat, 26000, Pakistan.


For the analysis of gamma rays-induced changes in different growth related end point using cotton as a model plants, the present study was designed. For this purpose, dry seeds of four cotton genotypes (Gomal-93, Bt-131, Bt-121 and Bt-CIM-602) were exposed to gamma rays with 10, 15, 20 and 25 Kilo Radium (KR) doses sourced from 60Co. The irradiated seed samples were assumed treated seeds while non-irradiated seeds of each genotype were used as control. Field experiment was conducted in randomized complete block design (RCBD) in three replicates in the green house. Radiation effects were observed on some agronomic traits like Plant height, Number of branches plant-1, number of bolls plant-1, Fiber Fineness and yield of seed. The analysis of variance (ANOVA) revealed significant differences for radiation treatments, genotypes and interaction for treatments × genotypes regarding plant height, number of branches plant-1, number of bolls plant-1 and yield of cotton seeds plant-1. Higher levels of gamma rays (20 and 25 KR) effected most of the parameters adversely. Significant reduction in plant height was observed for all the genotypes under the influence of the gamma rays treatments. Increased level of radiation posed adverse effect on number of branches plant-1. However, in case of Bt -121, branches were enhanced in treated as compared to control. Similarly, rise in the number of bolls in the seedlings of Gomal-93, Bt-131 and Bt -121 were observed which seeds were exposed to 20 KR dose of radiation. The findings of the present investigations revealed that irradiation of seeds with rays can improve the growth parameters in plants developed the irradiated seeds. 

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Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research


Vol. 34, Iss. 2, Pages 254-493


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