Fig. 2.

Frequency of different haplogroups in Shin population; following are the haplogroups which showed the frequency of 1.27%. A+152+16362, A2v, D4g2a, F, G2c, H1+152, H106, H14a, H15a1b, H1e1a1, H29, H2a+152 16311, H2a2a, H3ak, H3b6, H3s, H6, HV14, HV2a, J1, J1b1a1, J2b1a, K1b2, M30+16234, M30c1, M35b+16304, M35b1, M3d, M65, M9, N5, P2, R8, T1a+152, T1a1’3, T2b5a1, U3a2a, U4b2, U5a1f1, U5a2a, U5b2a1a2, W+194, Z+152.