Abdul Aziz Khan1,*, Waseem Ahmad Khan2, Waseem Ahmad Khan3 and Najam-ul-Huda Khan4

Shuangye Wang1, Yunlin Zhao1, Zhenggang Xu1,2,*, Li Li3, Liang Wu1, Choucang Duan1 and Jiao Peng1


...sed in the Dongting Lake wetland area from Jiangsu, from April 4 to May 12, 2016, using instantaneous scanning and recorded 486 observations. Nineteen types of behaviour were observed which were classified into nine categories: resting, feeding, moving, excreting, parental behaviour, embellishing, rutting, vigilance and social behaviour. This study analyzed the time-allotment and behavioural rhythms for resting, feeding, moving, and excreting categories. The r...
Alptug Sari*, Ahmet Arpacik and Sagdan Baskaya
...though the importance of wetland ecosystems is well known, no remarkable effort for saving the Erzurum Marshes, was observed.
Zheng Quan Jiang1,2, Feng Shan Li3, Jiang Hong Ran1,*, Chen Hao Zhao1, Man Zhang1 and Hua Li4
Mouslim Bara1,2,* and Luciano N. Segura3
...tor natural habitats and wetland changes. Climate is widely recognized as a major predictor of bird abundance and richness along large-scale environmental gradients, but mechanisms by which climate influences the bird abundance are still unknown. We analyzed seasonal variations on the bird community structure of Rallidae and Anatidae families in the northeastern Algerian Garaet Hadj Tahar for three consecutive years (September 2012 to August 2015). We studied ...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 50, Iss. 6, Pages 1999-2398


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