Shahida Bibi* and Ijaz Ahmad Khan

... the study revealed that weed density m-2, fresh weed biomass in maize and mungbean crops were significantly affected by both the main-plot and sub-plot treatments. Similarly, number of seeds pod-1, thousand grains weight, grain and biological yield of mungbean were also found significant. In main plots, weed density m-2 (16.47) and fresh weed biomass (529.8) were lower in herbicide treated p...

 Farman Ullah Shah*, G. Mustafa Sajid** and Sadar Uddin Siddiqui**

...Weed data -2 -2 included weed density m , fresh and dry weight g m , while crop data -2 -2 -1 included crop density m , fresh and dry weight g m , number of plant plot , -1 stover yield (g), plant height (cm), number of cobs plant , number of leaves -1 -1 plant , average grain number of five cobs and grain yield (t ha ). With the -2 -2 exception of hand weeding, minimum number of weeds 128 m and 164 m were recorded in black plastic and weeds as mulch, respecti...

Muhammad Ishfaq1*, Nadeem Akbar1, Imran Khan1, Shakeel Ahmad Anjum1, Usman Zulfiqar1, Muhammad Ahmad1, Mumtaz Ahmad2 and Muhammad Umer Chattha1 

...3.7%) were maximum while weed density and weed biomass was minimum in S2 (11.25 cm row spacing) treatment. Statistically, maximum productive tillers (296.8 m-2), numbers of grains per panicle (93.7), 1000-grain weight (19.4 g), paddy yield (3.5 t ha-1) and harvest index (34.3%) were recorded in S3 treatment. Percentage of sterile spikelet (9.5%), abortive kernel (9.7%) were highest in broadcasting treatments. Maximum net income (USD. 1097.2 ha-1) was obtained...

Misbahullah, Shad Khan Khalil, Asim Muhammad*, Afza Tabassum and Shah Fahad  

... per spike and decreased weed density in wheat. Sorghum extract sprayed at 1:3 gave more days to anthesis (123.4), days to physiological maturity (155.0) and sorghum concentration applied at 1:4 gave significantly more tillers m-2 (194.5) and more spikelets spike-1 (21.0). Sorghum extract concentration with combination of weedicide sprayed at tillering stage gave less number of weeds (76), minimum weed fresh weight (170) and dry weight (132), increased days to...

Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research


Vol. 33, Iss. 2, Pages 192-421


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