Aqila Shaheen and Nadia Sabir statistically higher water use efficiency (WUE) of 4.56 kg ha-1 mm-1 and 4.02 kg ha-1 mm-1 for both wheat and maize, respectively. However, similar WUE of wheat and maize was recorded for F2 and F3. Soil nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium after wheat-maize cropping rotations significantly responded to tillage, residues and organic and inorganic fertilizers. These results suggest that deep tillage has the potential to incr...
Abdus-Subhan1, Qudratullah Khan1, Muhammad Mansoor2, Muhammad Jamil Khan1, Ammanullah2, Matiullah Khan3
Nargis Bano and Khalid Mahmood Qureshi*
...gth, number of roots and water use efficiency. SA treatment therefore decreased adverse effect of stress on strawberry plants. Thus the result suggests that SA at a concentration of 3mML-1 concentration could be used commercially to improve yield of strawberry.

Abdus Subhan1, Qudrat Ullah Khan1, Muhammad Mansoor2 and M. Jamil Khan;16 to investigate the water use efficiency and response of winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) crop to organic and inorganic fertilizers on a heavy textured soil. The treatments used in the experiment include compost @5 t ha-1, cattle manure @ 5 t ha-1, compost + cattle manure each @ 2.5 t ha-1, NPK @ 150:120: 90 and control (without amendments), replicated four times. The results revealed that organic and inorganic amendments, irrespective of their kind an...

Ansaar Ahmed1, Imtiaz Hussain2*, Ibni Amin Khalil3, Subhanulla3, Gulzar Ahmed3, Imtiaz Ahmad3 and Muhammad Imtiaz2  

...ndash; 30 percent higher water use efficiency (WUE) in comparison with flat planting of farmer practice in both the years. Overall comparison of maize – wheat cropping system showed that there were 16 and 22 percent water saving with bed planting in comparison with other practice in 2014-15 and 2015-16 cropping cycle, respectively. The study showed that farmer practice of manual planting of maize and broadcasting of wheat can be replaced with bed plantin...

Salman Ali*, Inamullah, Muhammad Arif, Mehran Ali, Muhammad Owais Iqbal, Fazal Munsif and Arsalan Khan 

...ater losses and improves water use efficiency and yield of a crop. Potassium is a major plant nutrient required in large quantity by crops and has a significant role in increasing crop growth and yield by reducing the adverse effects of drought stress. Although a large quantity of potassium can be found in soil but is mostly in an unavailable form. A field experiment was, therefore established at Agronomy Research Farm the University of Agriculture Peshawar-KP...

Rashid Iqbal1,2, Mathias Neumann Andersen1*, Muhammad Aown Sammar Raza2, Muhammad Adil Rashid1 and Salman Ahmad2 

...ogical, water relations, water use efficiency (WUE), and yield related attributes of wheat. These irrigation treatments were started at anthesis stage and maintained for 30 days. For FI and DI, 100 and 50% of evapotranspiration (ET) was replaced by irrigating the entire pot surface every 4-5 days. For PRD, root system was split into two equal halves and during each irrigation event, only one-half of the root system was irrigated with the same amount of water a...

Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research


Vol. 32, Iss. 3, Pages 416-561


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