Jahangir khan* and Abbas Ullah Jan 

...s randomly selected from urban and rural region of Peshawar district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. Sampled households were interviewed face to face. An open-ended CVM question was designed to elicit households’ willingness to pay (WTP) and a linear regression analysis conducted to identify important determinants of households’ WTP. Results show that 93% of respondents are willing to pay a price premium of PKR. 14. Empirical findings reveal that s...

Kubra Siddique*, Ghaffar Ali, Irfan Ullah, Atta Ullah Shah and Muhammad Fayaz 

...s noted highest for both urban and rural region followed by chicken, fish and other meat type (Eggs, Shrimps, Prawns). Empirical results show that for all the selected meat type expenditure elasticities are positive suggesting them as normal goods. The expenditure elasticities for mutton and beef are greater than one and are expenditure elastic while chicken, fish and other meat type are expenditure-inelastic. Own-price elasticities for the beef, chicken, fi...

Sarhad Journal of Agriculture


Vol. 36, Iss. 2, Pages 374-733


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