Aneeza Jamshed1* and Syed Amir Gillani2 

...n (syringes 88.7%, blood transfusion 91%), signs (effects on liver 92.9%), symptoms (88%), prevention in high prevalent areas (sterilized syringes and screened blood transfusion 86.5%) and management (88.7%). This study showed that it may be an important school health based intervention to educate students about the transmission, prevention and management of hepatitis C, which may help in declining the disease burden. Hepati...
Ahmad Farooq1, Usman Waheed2,3, Hasan Abbas Zaheer2,3, Abdul Rauf4, Abida Arshad5, and Muhammad Arshad1,*
...dent upon lifelong blood transfusion. Multiple transfusions expose them to many blood borne diseases, most commonly hepatitis B and C. The aim of current study was to determine the prevalence of HBV and HCV infections among thalassaemia major patients. The study was conducted from June – December 2016, at the Thalassaemia Centre, Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University, Islamabad and the Pakistan Thalassaemia Ce...

Ocheme Julius Okojokwu1*, Maryam Bisola Adebayo2, Bashiru Shafa Abubakar3, Ibrahim Abubakar Yusuf2 and Joseph Aje Anejo-Okopi1  

...ildren, history of blood transfusion and trimester of pregnancy were statistically associated with prevalence of IgG antibody (p ≤ 0.05). There was a significant association (χ2 = 12.571; p = 0.028) between age group and IgG antibody. The age group > 40 years old had the highest prevalence of IgG antibodies while the age group 21 – 25 years (p ≤ 0.05) had the least (39.3%). Similarly, there was significant association (χ2 = 39.602; p <...
Saba Irshad*, Aruba Muhammad, Ammara Muazzam, Farah Sarfraz Anmol and Rehman Shahzad
...ely which minimize their transfusion frequency to 30 days in comparison to 7-15 days in Xmn1 -/- patients. Hematological analysis of thalassemic patients revealed low Hb, WBCs and platelets counts in contrast to control. The reported polymorphism was meant to be lowering the frequency of blood transfusions and to some extent responsible for diminishing the disease burden among ‘Thalassemia Major’ patients. <...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 51, Iss. 4, Pages 1203-1598


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