Yongfeng Li, Mo Zhou, Xiao Wang, Libao Xie, Hua-Ji Qiu*

... receptors, conveniently tracking the viral proteins in live cells as well as improving diagnostic methods and vaccines for classical swine fever.


 Khurram Shahzad1*, Muhammad Naeem Khan1, Farhat Jabeen2, Nasreen Kosour3, Muhammad Sohail1, Muhammad Khalil Ahmad Khan1, Munir Ahmad1

Bioaccumulation of manufactured titanium dioxide
...s of fish is very useful tracking method to determine
the accretion in aquatic organisms.

Muhammad Waseem1, Ahmed Raza1, Hamera Aisha1, Muhammad Naeem Awan1, Tariq Ahmad2, Rabia Nazir2 and Tariq Mahmood2,*
...achers use spotlight and tracking techniques (42% respondents). Summer is the best season for poaching the pangolins (44% respondents). Forest is best preferred habitat of pangolin (54% respondents) and pangolins selling and buying points are located outside the villages (63% respondents). Nomads, semi-settled people at different locations in the Potohar Plateau are actively involved in pangolin trade and poaching. Approximately 275 pangolins were poached at 4...

Ihsan Rabbi*, Sehat Ullah**, Aftab Alam**

is needed for tracking video camera pose (position and orientation) with respect to the real world objects. In
existing vision-based augmented reality systems, marker-based technique is widely used approach to track the video
camera pose. In this paper, we present an analysis of marker-based tracking using ARToolKit. We investigate the
effect of marker size, distance between mar...
Muhammad Shaheen
...nt requires an efficient tracking system during all its vital phases (development, operation and maintenance). At present, the tracking is done in a non-discrete manner through manual inspection. Manual tracking is inevitable because (1) no indicators have so far been developed for evaluation by an automatic tracking system, (2) No automated system exist...
Bingjie Zhou1, Hitesh Bhagavanbhai Mangukiya1, Siva Bharath Merugu1, Fakhar-un-Nisa Yunus1, Yuchen Fan1, Zhenghua Wu1,* and Dawei Li1,2,*
...ein as a powerful visual tracking tool to trace the external function of AGR2. This bioactive and auto-fluorescent his-tag recombinant AGR2-DsRed (hAD) protein was constructed by linking human AGR2 C-terminus with the red fluorescent protein derived from Discosoma sp. (DsRed) througha flexible linker. It was expressed successfully in Escherichia coli (E. coli) with optimized strain and cultivation parameters. This protein was expressed and...
Anjum Ara1, Usman Ali1, Muhammad Furqan2*, Zulfiqar Ali2
Muhammad Mudassar Shahzad3, Khawaja Basharat Ahmed4
Riaz Aziz Minhas4, Waqar Ahmed2, Zakir Hussain2 and Mian Aman Ullah2
... capture, visual survey, tracking, trapping methods were applied to collect data related to diversity, distribution, density and questionnaire method applied to assess threats. Analysis of data revealed that four freshwater turtle species including Indian flapshell turtle (Lissemys punctate), Indian narrow headed softshell turtle (Chitra indica) Indian softshell turtle (Nilssonia gangetica) and Crowned river turtle (Hardella thurjii) were identified and distri...

Seok-Jun Son1,3, Sung-Kyung Lee1, Jung-Woo Oh1, In-Kyu Kim2, Dal-Ho Kim2, Bo-Ra Hyun1 and Jung-Hoon Kang1,*

... of birds. Recently, GPS tracking has been utilized to identify bird migration routes. The Chinese egret Egretta eulophotes is a migratory bird distributed in East Asia; most populations breed on uninhabited islands off the west coast of the Korean Peninsula. Location tracking devices were attached to two juvenile Chinese egrets from an uninhabited island in the Chilsan Archipelago off the west coast of the Korean Peninsula....

Stephen Chijioke Emencheta1, Anthony Amaechi Attama2, Ezinwanne Nneoma Ezeibe1, Adaora Angela Agubata1 and Ebele Benedette Onuigbo1*

...lecular tool for E. coli tracking in the environment.


Ali Wahdan1*, Mahmoud Ezzat1, Fatma Youssef2, Manal Munier2, Elsayyad M. Ahmed3, Marwa Abo Hashem1  

...o, this study focused on tracking the ica locus in different hosts and other virulence factors with genetic analysis of recovered isolates. A total of 350 random samples were collected from animals and hospital acquired infected patients. The recovered isolates were identified biochemically by vitek2 compact, confirmed by PCR and tested for sensitivity against varieties of antimicrobials. Three multi-drug resistant isolates carried ica from human abscess (A9...

Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences


Vol. 10, Iss. 9, Pages 1887-2089


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