Mutassim M. Abdelrahman1,*, Riyadh S. Aljumaah1, Moez Ayadi1 and Shabana Naz2
...f slow release boluse of trace elements bolus in Naemi ewes during late gestation. Thirty Naemi ewes were divided into two groups. One group served as a control while the other was treated with rumen bolus of trace elements containing copper (Cu) cobalt (Co); selenium (Se), manganese (Mn); zinc (Zn) and iodine (I). Blood samples were collected from ewes and their newborns at parturition. Colostrum yield and biochemical analy...
Kashifa Naghma Waheed1,2,*, Zaid Mehmood2 and Sikender Hayat1
...acro-elements, essential trace elements and non-essential toxic elements were quantitatively analyzed in sugar press mud by ICP-OES following protocols of AOAC from five randomly selected sugar mills situated in South Punjab, Pakistan. It was observed that the samples contained potential amounts of essential elements, while the toxic elements were present in low quantities. The results were statistically analyzed and compared for their significance and showed ...
Muhammad Ijaz1, Shahid Hussain Farooqi1, Rahmatullah2, Amjad Islam Aqib1, Sadaqat Ali3,*, Awais Ghaffar1, Ahmad Ali1 and Sehrish Saleem1
...rolytes, trace and ultra-trace elements) in foals. A total of 105 diarrheic foals (n = 35 horse foals, n = 35 donkey foals, and n = 35 mule foals) were selected regardless of their etiologies. Additionally, 12 healthy foals (n = 4 horse foals, n = 4 donkey foals, and n = 4 mule foals) as control animals were selected for this study. Packed cell volume (PCV) and serum electrolytes, trace and ultra-trace elements were measured...
Fazal Abbas1, Muhammad Ijaz1,*, Zunaira Akhtar1, Khalid Mehmood2, Muhammad Zeeshan Hyder3 and Umair Iqbal4
...h serum electrolytes and trace elements.


Asmaa A. Darwish 

... minerals, electrolytes, trace elements and total antioxidants capacity concentrations significantly (P< 0.05) decreased in the three diseased groups. Both of MMP-2 and MMP-9 yielded a sensitivity and NPV as 100% in the sheep pneumonia, arthritis and enteritis and correlated with some parameters in PG and EG. Ovine inflammatory conditions usually result in different clinicopathological changes. Monitoring of them may be useful in improving our therapeutic i...

Veterinary Sciences: Research and Reviews


Vol. 6, Iss. 1, Pages 1-57


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