Shazia Ali, Hizb Ullah and Sarwat Jahan*
...xt-align: justify;">Beta thalassemia syndrome are a group of hereditary blood disorders in which or absent beta globin chain synthesis, results in reduced Hemoglobin, decreased RBC production and anemia. Total 300 individuals were divided into 4 groups according to age and gender i.e ≤13 years females, >13 years females, ≤13 years and >13 years males. Height in centimeter, weight in kilogram was measured to calculate BMIKg/m2. Ser...
Saba Irshad*, Aruba Muhammad, Ammara Muazzam, Farah Sarfraz Anmol and Rehman Shahzad
... Xmn1 polymorphism among thalassemia (Major) patients. Out of total 206 screened patients, sole Xmn1 homozygous (+/+) and heterozygous (-/+) case was reported with a band size of 418 bp, 230 bp and 641 bp, 418 bp, 230 bp respectively. Xmn1 restriction site was present at 158 bp upstream of the Gamma globin gene on chromosome 11 of positive patients (GenBank KY927385). Fetal hemoglobin level in Xmn1 (-/+) and (+/+) was 59.1% and 19% respectively which minimize ...

Farheen Shafique1, Shaukat Ali2,*, Saiqa Andleeb1, Abdul Rauf1,3, Syed Ayaz Kazmi1,3, Sadia Idrees4, Faisal Farooq1,3, Faiq Nawaz Khan3,4, Muhammad Saad-ul-Hassan1,3, Raja Awais Mumtaz1,3, Saba Khalid1, Zaheem Ashraf1, Hafiz Muhammad Tahir2 and Fazal-ur-Rehman5

Yasir Sharif1, Saba Irshad1*, Ammara Muazzam1, Muhammad Hamza Tariq1, Ambreen Kanwal1, Sana Rasheed1, Mabel Baxter Dalrymple2 and Anam Tariq1
... complications in β thalassemia major (BTM) patients, the current study was carried on 408 subjects including 204 patients and 204 controls. For all 408 individuals; complete blood count (CBC), blood group, serum ferritin level and liver function tests were performed. Secondary complications were assessed by physical examination of pallor, splenomegaly, ascites, and hepatomegaly. The average±SD values of patients’ CBCs and liver enzymes were:...
Shoaib ur Rehman1, Jabbar Khan2*, Raaza Malja Khan3, Maimoona Azam4 and Zeeshan Mutahir5
...r the most common β-thalassemia mutations reported in Pakistani population. The most common mutations detected in karak region were frameshift codons (FSC) 8/9 (þG) (HBB: c.27_28insG), followed by IVS-I-5(G>C), FSC 5 (–CT) and Codon 15 (G>A). The present study hence showed differences with previous results from other regions of the Pashtun ethnic group, which demarcates the heterogeneity in mutations found in the Pashtun ethnicity. These...

Muhammad Waqas1, Naveed Ahmed2*, Hamid Saeed Malik1, Unaiza Qamar3, Hasnain Javed4 and Ahsan Hussain1

...(RBCs) indices in β-thalassemia carrier patients with frequency of different common and uncommon/uncharacterized mutations that are IVS 1-5 (G-C), Fr8-9 (+G), Fr 41-42 and Cd 5 mutations of β-thalassemia traits. A total 293 β-thalassemia carrier patients were included in study. Fr 8-9 (+G) was found the most common mutation of β-thalassemia

Jun Zhang1*, Xiaocao Xu2 and Min Cao2

... justify;">Patients with thalassemia major are exposed to a wide range of blood transition viruses that among them hepatitis B and C viruses are in high significance. This study investigates the seroprevalence of HBV and HCV in hospital admissions for thalassemia major in Bengbu, China. This study is a cross-sectional study in which information was extracted and collected from patients’ records, including gender, age, ...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 54, Iss. 4, Pages 1501-2001


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