Suresh V Kuchipudi* and Kin-Chow Chang


...s of influenza and other systemic viral infections which warrants further in-depth investigations.



Mostafa A. Abdel-Maksoud1,2, Fathy A. Abdel-Ghaffar2, Azza El-Amir2, Gamal Badr3 and Saleh Al-Quraishy1*

Muhammad Mansoor, Zaigham Abbas and Nageen Husssain*
Talha Nazir1,2,*, Muhammad Dildar Gogi2, Muhammad Zeeshan Majeed1, Waheed ul Hassan2, Abdul Hanan2 and Muhammad Jalal Arif
...ved to be most effective systemic insecticide against all insect pests, followed by Pouch, Senator, Blaster, Bugatti and Jozer. However, Confidor, Jozer, Bugatti, Blaster and Senator showed a top-down effect on beneficial insects causing 50–90% reduction in their populations, while Pouch showed minimum effect (< 50% reduction) on the population of beneficial insects and proved to be relatively safe. All insecticide formulations tested exhibited ≥ 5...
Muhammad Shahid Saeed1, Adeela Shahid2, Samia Jawed3, Muhammad Akram4, Irshad Hussain Qureshi5 
...ry, general physical and systemic examination was conducted and all parameters were recorded. Modified Borg scale was used to determine the grade of dyspnea from 0-10. A total of 2ml of venous blood was taken to determine the serum magnesium levels. All patients were given Salbutamol inhalation and intravenous (I/V) Hydrocortisone. The study group was given 2gm of MgS04 intravenously in 20 minutes in a burette and Placebo group was given placeb...

Hafiz Muhammad Umer Qaisar1, Tanveer Ahmad2, Muhammad Rizwan3*, Muhammad Saqib1

Antimicrobial efficacy of combination of lincomycin and spiramycin (Lispiracin™) as systemic dry cow therapy for controlling bovine mastitis
... bovine mastitis through systemic dry period therapy,
present study was designed. A total of 20 dry pregnant cows were selected
randomly at the end of lactation and divided into two equal G1 and G2 groups.
Group G1 was treated with lincomycin@ 5mg/kg (IM) and spiramycin@ 10 mg/kg
(IM) (Inj. lispiracin®) at end of lactation and at 14th day pre calving while group G2
was kept as control. Samples of milk were collected asept...

Ummad-ud-Din Umar1, Syed Burhan-ud-Din2, Muhammad Fahad Khan1, Ateeq ur Rehman1, Syed Atif Hasan Naqvi1*, Muhammad Asif Zulfiqar3, Azhar Ali Khan3 and Naila Ilyas1

...probable role of induced systemic acquired resistance in mungbean against Mungbean yellow mosaic virus (MYMV) disease. Exogenous use of Salicylic acid (SA) and Benzothiadiazole (BTH) as elicitors enhanced the resistance in mungbean plants by triggering the SA pathway. Induced resistance was assessed by evaluating the appearance of symptoms and detection of virus titter through ELISA. Different concentrations of SA and BTH were exogenously applied to activate t...
Shujjah Haider1,*, Ayesha Maqbool1, Tariq Pervez1, Saima Parveen1, Arfan Ahmad2, Zahid Iqbal3, Javed Iqbal3, Shahid Mehmood3, Amanullah Khan4 and Sajid Umar5
...hasizes the need of more systemic approaches for the investigation ofMG distribution and prevalence in otherparts of Pakistan in order to design effective control strategies. 
Nida Zia1, *, Ayesha Maqbool2, Muhammad Safdar3, Umm-I-Habiba1, Altaf Mehmood4, Muhammad Usman5, Zahid Iqbal6, Javed Iqbal6, Shahid Mehmood6, Amanullah Khan7 and Sajid Umar8
...urther detailed and more systemic approaches to evaluate FAdVs diffusion and characterization to design effective control strategies. 
Umm-i-Habiba1,*, Ayesha Maqbool2, Muhammad Safdar3, Nida Zia1Altaf Mehmood4, Muhammad Usman5, Mehwish Sharif6, Amanullah Khan7 and Sajid Umar8
...urther detailed and more systemic approaches to study IBDV distribution for the implementation of effective control measures.

Muhammad Usman Ghazanfar1, Waqas Raza1*, Waqas Wakil2,3, Imtiaz Hussain4 and Misbah Iqbal Qamar elicitors can induce systemic resistance against plant pathogens and insect herbivores. The plan of the study was to study induction of defense responses and protective effects against Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) de Bary and sucking insect pests of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) with application of salicylic acid (SA) and β-aminobutyric acid (BABA). Concentration of SA and BABA (2, 4 and 5 mM) were applied to foliage. Application of both resistance ...
Huma Abbas1*, Nazir Javed1,Muhammad Kamran2, Sajid Aleem Khan1Hira Abbas3, Ehetisham-ul-Haq2, Abdul Jabbar1, Mehwish Naz1 and Ihsan Ullah4
...ated on the induction of systemic activity by using modified split root technique. Efficacy of different application methods; soil drench and root dip was also tested. Results revealed that all the chemicals have more or less systemic effect against M. incognita. Cartap was found to be more effective in reduction of egg masses followed by Virtako in both treated and untreated root portion. Number of egg masses was red...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 52, Iss. 5, Pages 1631-2026


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