Tariq Mahmood1,*, Fakhra Fazal1, Faraz Akrim1, Hira Fatima1 and Muhammad Sajid Nadeem2
...H. edwardsii) are sympatric in many areas of their distribution range in the Potohar Plateau. Morphologically, the two species differ in their body size, so there could be substantial anatomical differences between them, not yet documented. The current study compared morphological and anatomical characteristics of the two species inhabiting the Potohar Plateau. Results showed marked morphological and anatomical differences between two mongoose species s...
Faraz Akrim1,2, Tariq Mahmood1,*, Muhammad Sajid Nadeem3, Siddiqa Qasim1, Shaista Andleeb1 and Hira Fatima1
...ing season 0.46. The two sympatric mongoose species overlapped (0.89) in their dietary niche breadth in the study area.
Gulnaz Afzal1, Ghulam Mustafa2*, Shakila Mushtaq3 and Amer Jamil4
...f spiders. Despite being sympatric species, the origin and diversification of Araneid fauna in wheat fields are remarkably distinguished which may help to understand the biology, biogeography and the long-standing controversies of their systematic studies.

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 52, Iss. 6, Pages 2027-2426


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