Abdul Baset1, Qun Liu1,*, Muhammad Tariq Hanif1, 2, Baochao Liao1, Aamir Mahmood Memon1,3 and Muhammad Mohsin1

...mputer software with two surplus production models of Fox and logistic were 28 180 t (R2 =0.915) and 33 260 t (R2 =0.897) respectively. The estimated values of MSY from CEDA were about 26 000 - 31 000 t and from ASPIC were 29 000 - 31 000 t. The estimated MSY values of CEDA and ASPIC were higher than the most recent catch. This shows that the stocks are in a safe condition.

Muhsan Ali Kalhoro1,2, Danling Tang1,*, Ye Hai Jun1, Morozov Evgeny1, Sufen Wang1 and Muhammad Aslam Buzdar
...used which were based on surplus production models. From CEDA Fox, Schaeder and Pella-Tomlinson were used with initial proportion (IP) 0.9 were used because the starting catch was 90% of the maximum catch the MSY estimated value from Fox with three error assumptions (normal, lognormal and gamma) were 3378 (R2=0.590), 3360 (R2=0.582), 3369 (R2 =0.586), respectively, whereas the obtained values from Schaefer and Pella-Tomlinson w...
Muhammad Mohsin1, Dai Guilin1,*, Chen Zhuo1, Yin Hengbin1 and Muhammad Noman2
...es) were employed. Three surplus production models (SPMs) viz., Fox Model (FM), Schaefer Model (SM) and Pella-Tomlinson Model (PTM) were used in CEDA along with three error assumptions (EAs) viz., normal error assumption (NEA), log-normal error assumption (LNEA) and gamma error assumption (GEA). On the other hand, in ASPIC two SPMs viz., Fox Model (FM) and Logistic Model (LM) were employed. MSY estimates for Carangoides fishery by using CE...

Muhammad Noman, Yong Tong Mu*, Muhammad Mohsin, Aamir Mahmood Memon and Muhammad Talib Kalhoro

...ochistan coastline.Three surplus production models (SPMs) viz. Fox (F-M), Schaefer (S-M) and Pella-Tomlinson (PT-M) along with three error assumptions (EAs), log (L-EA), log normal (LN-EA) and gamma (G-EA), were used in CEDA while two SPMs, Fox (F-M) and logistic (L-M) were used in ASPIC. In CEDA, for initial proportion (IP) 0.9, F-M for L-EA and LN-EA estimated maximum sustainable yield (MSY) as 2593 t and 2282 t. However, G-EA produced minimization fa...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 52, Iss. 4, Pages 1225-1630


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