Bilal Atta1*, Muhammad Rizwan1, Arshed Makhdoom Sabir1, Muhammad Dildar Gogi2, Muhammad Sabar1, Bakhtawar3, Faizan Ali3 and Mehran Sarwar

...t T. castaneum infesting stored wheat. The results have suggested that mortality and repellency in T. castaneum increased as the dose rate of crude plant extracts and exposure interval increased. The maximum mortality (86.67%) was achieved with the highest dose of crude extract of Z. officinale (80mg per 7.5g wheat) at 10 days exposure interval. Similarly, the highest dose of Z. officinale extract (80ml) was responsible to cause 100% repellency at 2 hours expo...

Shereen Zulfikar1, Zulfikar Ahmed Maher2, Attaullah Khan Pathan4, Imran Ali Rajput3*, Din Muhammad Soomro1, Muhammad Akbar Lashari1, Arsalan Memon3, Sibghatullah5 and Mir Zehri Khan5

Population Fluctuation and Weight Losses Caused by Khapra Beetle, Trogoderma granarium Everts on Different Wheat Varieties as a major threat to stored wheat and other products in all over the world. Their attack is not only limited to wheat grains but also reduces the various products made from it. The losses are defined as a measurable decrease of the food quantity and quality and can be avoided through proper control measures and selection of resistant varieties. During the present study, the different wheat varieties were screened against T. granarium. The initial weight of...

Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research


Vol. 34, Iss. 1, Pages 1-253


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