Tosif Tabassam*, Tariq Sultan**, M.Ehsan Akhtar**, M.Mahmood-ulHassan** and Arshad Ali**

...sted up to six months of storage period.


Mian Noor Hussain Asghar Ali, Liaquat Ali Jamali, Shakeel Ahmed Soomro*, Shakeel Hussain Chattha, Khalil Ahmed Ibupoto, Naseer Ahmed Abbasi and Noor Mehdi Qumi  

...ncreased with increasing storage period. However, a decrease was observed with increasing storage period for brix content, sucrose content, purity percentage and commercial cane sugar percentage under both storage conditions. The observations of results further revealed that sugarcane covered with trash provided better quality (i.e. low weight loss, higher percentage of brix, sucrose percentage and commercial cane sugar) as ...
Faxiang Wang, Yan Chen, Sai Chen, Xianghong Li, Jian Yu, Jianhui Wang and Yongle Liu*
...sed gradually during the storage period. The high MW proteins easily degraded during the cold storage, and the proteins with low MW were relatively stable but still gradually degraded. So the key time point for cold storage of grass carp is approximately 4-6 days.

Ali Muhammad*, Yasser Durrani, Majid Suhail Hashmi, Ihsan Mabood Qazi, Muhammad Ayub and Saifullah 

...interval of one week for storage period of one month. The treatments were T0 (not treated), T1 (neutralized with NaOH) and T2 (neutralized with NaHCO3). Statistical analysis showed that storage intervals and treatments had a significant (p<0.05) effect on physicochemical and sensory quality of neutralized whey. 


Ehsan-Ul-Haque1, Akbar Hayat1*, Muhammad Asim1, Sajjad Hussain2, Muhammad Shakeel Hanif3, Muhammad Zubair1, Muhammad Abdullah Jamil1 and Faheem Khadija1 

...vations for extension in storage period and shelf life. Various fungicides and salts are incorporated in wax to limit postharvest fruit decay and fungal attack. In the present study two salts were incorporated in commercial wax to control postharvest decay in Willow leaf mandarin (Citrus reticulata Blanco) and Kinnow mandarin (Citrus reticulata Blanco). Sodium bicarbonate and Potassium sorbate incorporated (6% w/v concentration) in wax were used to compare wit...

Uzma Arif1, Sadar Uddin Siddiqui2, Muhammad Fareed Khan1, Muhammad Arshad3 and Shakeel Ahmad Jatoi

...ures coupled with longer storage periods. The aging led to decline in seedling fresh and dry biomass as well as root and shoot development capacity; while the deleterious effect of higher temperature (45°C) were more pronounced and severely affected the seedling growth and development from start. The information generated on seed behavior under storage conditions in this study; would be helpful to devise better strategy for short- and long-term storage of ...

Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research


Vol. 33, Iss. 3, Pages 422-691


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