Muhammad Zamin* and Abdul Mateen Khattak 

...ding green cover, canopy stiffness, leaf length and width. Most of the ecotypes gave better performance at mowing height 3 and 4 cm, which comply with the standard mowing height for turf grasses. Ecotypes RS2, MZADS1 and SAADS1 resulted in the best performance against mowing shock. Based on their performance, these ecotypes could be used for turf purposes in public landscape under saline environments. 

Sajida Rasool1, Saba Irshad1*, Neelam Saba1, Mehak Fiaz1Muhammad Sajid Hussain2, MuhammadWajid Hussain3 and Peter Nürnberg2


...presented spasticity and stiffness of upper and lower limbs, severe microcephaly, dysphagia, no speech, hearing loss and seizures. Genome wide linkage analysis and whole exome sequencing revealed a novel homozygous nonsense mutation (c.204T>G) in BICD2 gene which was predicted to yield a truncated protein product (p. Glu68*). This is first nonsense mutation being reported causing HSP with complex clinical features and early onset. Further, functional...
Arifa Savanur1,*, Tallat Naz1,2, Tayyaba Hamid1,3, Syed Abid Ali4, Mian Jahangir1,3 and Muhammad Abdul Azeem4
...d for the measurement of stiffness in the series elastic component. The higher stiffness in intestinal tissues as compared to esophageal tissue of Uromastix is probably associated with its lesser compliance due to a lesser quantity of SEC that makes the intestine stiffer, as its muscle cells are less embedded in a collagen matrix. A significant difference between both types of muscle strips was observed in the rate of...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 52, Iss. 4, Pages 1225-1630


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