Zaffar Malik, Moazzam Jamil, Ghulam Hassan Abassi, Muhammmad Nafees, Muhammad Rafey and Muhammad Kamran

...ochar (WCB), waste water sludge biochar (WSB). The physical and mechanical parameters of vertic soil like soil consistency limits like plastic limit (PL), liquid limit (LL) and plasticity index (PI), tensile strength (TS), shear strength (cohesion (C) and angle of friction (φ)) were studied. Results showed that amendments had improved soil physico-mechanical properties. No specific trends were observed for consistency limit, however, PI decreased for all t...

Mehwish Kiran*, Muhammad Saleem Jilani*, Kashif Waseem*
and Muhammad Sohail**

...(PrM) @ 20 t ha , sewage sludge (SS) @ 20 t ha and nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium (NPK) @ 120-65-100 kg ha . Data on leaf plant , leaf length (cm), fresh leaf weight plant (g), dry leaf weight plant (g), root length (cm), root diameter (cm), fresh root weight plant (g), dry root weight plant (g), total biomass plant (g), root yield pot (g) and root yield (t ha ) were recorded and analyzed statistically. The results revealed that all growth attributes and yiel...

Faisal Shabbir*, Naeem Ejaz*, Daulat Khan**, Naveed Ahmad*, Jawad Hussain*, Muhammad Fiaz Tahir* 

...ilization of waste paper sludge ash (WPSA) in concrete. WPSA was partly replaced in the ratios of 5, 10, 15 and 20 percent of cement. Specimens were tested for initial setting time, final setting time, mechanical strengths (i.e. compressive and tensile strength) and dry density, and results are compared with ordinary concrete (without WPSA).The results showed that WPSA can be replaced up to 15% by weight of cement. Also the initial and final setting time of ce...

Samia Ikram1*, Riaz ur Rehman1, Farwa Batool2 and Atyab Amjad3

Evaluation of Bird of Paradise for Commercial Flower Production by using Organic Manures
...Top dressing with sewage sludge). Maximum plant height (93.53 cm), Number of suckers (4.20), Number of leaves (8.00), Number of flowers (4.11), Stem diameter (5.025 cm) and Spike diameter (5.03 cm) were contributed by T2whereas maximum spike length (61.21 cm) was recorded in T3 and maximum shelf life (14.81 days) was noted in T4. The present research study revealed that T2 significantly contributes to commercial cut flower production of Bird of paradise in agr...

Khaliq Dad1, Muhammad Nawaz2*, Muhamamd Ibrahim3, Fengliang Zhao4, Rumsha Hassan2, Humaira Nawaz5, Muhammad Usman Saleem6, Kinat Javed2, Ayesha Komal2 and Hajra Naz2 ecosystem. The use of sludge and chemical sprays on crops increase the Cd contamination besides some other heavy metals. Through nutrient cycling, it is taken up from the soil to plants and finally becomes the part of human body which warrants serious health concerns. Cadmium causes mild to severe effects on plants, animals and environmental health. Humans are exposed to cadmium through food, water intake, inhalation (cigarette) and dermal contact which the...
Jia Li and Hong Yang*
...ring the waste activated sludge (WAS) anaerobic fermentation. During the experimental study, the biodegradation efficiency of BaA was enhanced from 12.2% in the control to 25.6% at pH 10 and 46.7% at pH 10 and alkyl polyglucosides (APG) reactors. APG and alkaline treatment increased the BaA deposition desorption from the sludge and transfer into micro-organisms and finally increased the BaA bioavailability. In the meantime, ...

Sony A.E. Moningkey1*, Ronny A.V. Tuturoong1, Ingriet D.R. Lumenta1 and Nova L.I.M. Ogi2

...vel of rumen content and sludge mixture fermented with Cellulomonas sp. in the complete feed composition to optimize the rabbit’s performance, weight increment, and food conversion. The study used 30 calf male rabbits strain New Zealand White (8–11 weeks old, 435-1,037 g). The feed consisted of fermented rumen content sludge mixture (FRCSM), and other feed materials, such as corn, coconut cake, pollard, bran, sug...

Biologia (Lahore)


2021, Vol.67, Iss. 1


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