Muhammad Arif Zafar1, Murtaz-ul-Hasan1*, Aayesha Riaz1, Asim Shamim2, Muhammad Farooq Iqbal1 and Arfan Yousaf

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Serkan Sayiner1* and Hilal Karagul2
...e current state of blood selenium and vitamin E levels in heifers, together with roughage selenium levels in eight livestock regions of Northern Cyprus from two different seasons. We also evaluated whether these concentrations were adequate. Heifer blood, feed samples including concentrate feed or roughage were analysed. It was found that there are significant seasonal differences for each region and regional differences in ...
Mutassim M. Abdelrahman1,*, Riyadh S. Aljumaah1, Moez Ayadi1 and Shabana Naz2
...copper (Cu) cobalt (Co); selenium (Se), manganese (Mn); zinc (Zn) and iodine (I). Blood samples were collected from ewes and their newborns at parturition. Colostrum yield and biochemical analysis at parturition was also determined. A significant (P<0.05) increase of calcium (Ca), Zn, Co and Se levels in blood of ewes treated with bolus with a significant increase in phosphorous (P), Co and Se in the blood of their newborn lambs. Furthermore, a significantl...
Kashif Prince1,*, Muhammad Sarwar Khan1, Muhammad Ijaz1, Aftab Ahmad Anjum2, Atif Prince3, Naimat Ullah Khan1 and Mumtaz Ali Khan1
... effect of vitamin E and selenium supplementation on passive transfer of antibodies in colostrum and calves against FMD and HS vaccine. Thirty-five pregnant cattle were selected and seven groups were made consisting five cattle. Group A was controls: Animals in Group B and C were at 45 days prepartum with and without VES: animals in D and E were at day 60 prepartum with and without VES: animals in F and G were at 75 days prepartum stage with and without VES: r...

Soraya Khosravian Dehordi*, Abdolnaser Mohebbi and Kahin Shahanipour

...l administration of nano-selenium (nano-Se) influencing on biomarkers of oxidative status in the rats spleen exposed to the cadmium (Cd) metal. For this purpose, thirty male rats equally divided into six groups, group I received nano-Se (0.1mg/kg) alone as dose, group II selenite odium (0.1mg Se/kg) alone, group III Cd chloride (300mg/250cc), group IV Cd along with nano-Se, group V Cd along with selenite sodium and group VI (control) given (1 ml) saline. All d...
Kashif Prince1,*, M. Sarwar Khan1, Muhammad Ijaz1, Aftab Ahmad Anjum2, Muhammad Asad Ali2, Jawaria Ali Khan1, Nisar Ahmad3,Rais Ahmed2, Aamerzish Mushtaq4, Sajid Umar4 and Yung-Fu Chang5
...d to determine the serum selenium status in association of its risk factors in cattle and buffaloes of district Kasur, Punjab. Selenium status was evaluated by Atomic Absorptions Spectrophotometery (AAS) with respect to sex of animals, geographical area, age of animals, herd size, stage of animals, production level and concentrate feeding. Selenium deficiency was also evaluated as a risk f...
Saba Parveen Samo1, Moolchand Malhi1,*, Javed Gadahi2, Yan Lei3, Allah Bux Kaciwal1 and Saeed Ahmed Soomro1
... B was supplemented with selenium yeast (SY) at the dose rate of 0.3 mg/ for 8 weeks. The results showed that the weights (% of empty body weight) of rumen (4.18 ± 0.30 vs 3.49 ± 0.10); duodenum (0.32 ± 0.01 vs 0.27 ± 0.01); colon (1.14 ± 0.03 vs 1.06 ± 0.01), caecum (0.62 ± 0.03 vs 0.57 ± 0.01) and the whole large intestine (2.44 ± 0.04 vs 2.32 ± 0.03) significantly increased (P <...
Li Lv1, Liuan Li1,*, Ruibo Zhang1, Zhichao Deng1, Tianming Jin1 and Gaimei Du2
...ary supplementation with selenium enriched yeast on egg selenium levels and egg production of North China laying hens. Healthy 60-week-old hens (n = 160) were randomly divided into four experimental groups and fed a basal diet supplemented with selenium enriched yeast at differing levels: 0.0 mg/kg (control group), 0.3 mg/kg (low-dose group), 0.6 mg/kg (medium-dose group) and 1.2 mg...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 50, Iss. 6, Pages 1999-2398


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