Sayeda Sarah and Muhammad Ibrar

...%, 25%, 50% and 100%) of rock phosphate (RP) fertilizer on spores density and percent root colonization of selected sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) hybrids in P-deficient soil. It was observed that spore density and AMF root colonization was higher in the soil of control (RP0) plants, which decreases progressively with increasing fertility level. Less number of spores and percent root colonization was found at high RP level (RP100) in all hybrids. Higher P do...

Sanaullah Jalil*, Asim Hayat, Abid Majeed, Syed Haider Abbas, Muhammad Noman, Muhammad Imran Kasana and Muhammad Mazhar Hussain

...ts (T0 = control without rock phosphate & farmyard manure, T1= rock phosphate @150 kg P2O5 per hectare, T2 = FYM @5 tons per hectare, T3 = RP @100 kg P2O5 per hectare+ FYM @5 tons per hectare, E0 = without effective microbes and E1= EM-Biozote @ 50 l ha-1) on yield parametrs of wheat crop planted after the harvest of rice. All yield parameters significantly increased by the treatments consisting of RP (100 kg) with FYM (...

Matiullah Khan*, Shameemul Sibtain Shah, Atiqullah Khan, Muhammad Sarwar and Shoaib Ahmed 

... particle size of Hazara rock phosphate (HRP) by manual preparation of Single Super Phosphate (SSP) through the procedure already established by the author and testing its efficacy in comparison to DAP on rainfed wheat. Almost 50 bags of SSP were prepared using formula “100 kg of indigenous HRP with total P2O5 content of X and mesh size 160 when treated with 60 liters (50% diluted) H2SO4 (volume/volume), followed by proper curing, yields SSP of almost X/...

Matiullah Khan1*, Motsim Billah2, Shoaib Ahmad1, Raza Ullah Khan1 and Muhammad Sarwar1 

...poultry litter (PL) with rock phosphate (RP) and inoculating with effective microorganisms (EM) on the wheat during 2010-11. Both experiments were conducted consecutively, in the same lay out of randomized complete block design with three repeats. Various doses of PEC (6, 4, 2 Mg ha-1) were compared with simple poultry-litter compost (PLC) as 8 Mg ha-1, single super phosphate (SSP) fertilizer as 100 kg P2O5 ha-1 and control. The results showed that PEC at 6 Mg...

Matiullah Khan1*, Humera Arif2, Muhammad Rasheed2, Motsim Billah3 and Shoaib Ahmad

...duction. The huge amount rock phosphate (RP) found in Hazara area of Pakistan can be utilized as P source by preparing Single Super Phosphate (SSP). The spatial variation in minerology of Hazara RP might have an impact on the availability of phosphorus from these rocks. The experiment was therefore planned to revisit the formulation of SSP for various Hazara locations’ rock, for obtaining maximum available P. Three main locations’

Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research


Vol. 33, Iss. 3, Pages 422-691


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