Abid Muhammad Shah1, Safdar Ali1*, Ijaz Ahmad2, Gulzada Wazir1, Obaidullah Shafique1, Muhammad Amir Hanif1, Bashir Ahmad Khan3 and Sumaira Zareen4 

...was maximum (24.08%) for ridge sowing method. Similarly, grain yield was maximum (3.09 t ha-1) under the plot where hand weeding was performed followed by the plot where Ally max (2.68 t ha-1) was applied; whereas, highest yield was (2.84 t ha-1) obtained from line sowing method. So, it is concluded and recommended that for controlling broadleaved weeds hand weeding otherwise Ally Max herbicide through line sowing method results in a good yield of rain fed whe...

Shakeel Ahmad Anjum1, Muhammad Mohsin Raza2, Sami Ullah1, 3*, Malik Muhammad Yousaf2, Ahmad Mujtaba1, Mumtaz Hussain2, Muhammad Jahangir Shah2, Bashir Ahmad2 and Ijaz Ahmad4 

...wing, simple cultivation ridge sowing, zero tillage dibbling and zero tillage drill were performed as the experimental treatments. Results showed that maize hybrid sown under deep tillage gave the maximum grain yield (7.2 t ha-1), number of grains cob-1 (528), 1000-grain weight (265 g), plant height (205 cm), plant population (7.2 plants m-2) and stem diameter (1.58 cm), cob length (19.1 cm), biological yield (19.5 t ha-1) and harvest index (37.0%), while lowe...

Muhammad Qaisar Nawaz*, Khalil Ahmed, Ghulam Qadir, Muhammad Rizwan, Muhammad Faisal Nawaz and Muhammad Sarfraz 

... @ 80 and 100 kg ha-1 in ridge sowing. However, 80 kg N ha-1 in ridge sowing documented maximum economic benefit as compared to other treatments and is suggested as most cost-effective technique for turnip production under moderately salt-affected soils. 


Javed Iqbal1, Ali Zohaib1*, Muzzammil Hussain1, Adnan Bashir1, Muhammad Hamza2, Wardah Muzaffer3, Muhammad Tahir Latif1 and Naeem Faisal1 

...ity could be improved by ridge sowing with optimized seed rate for different varieties. This 3-years study was conducted to determine the optimum seed rate for different varieties of ridge sown wheat for better yield and related components. Wheat varieties (Faisalabad-08, Punjab-11 and Galaxy-13) were sown on ridges using two different seed rates (125 and 150 kg ha-1). Increase in seed rate improved the emergence (plants per m2), number of productive tillers p...

Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research


Vol. 33, Iss. 3, Pages 422-691


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