Aqsa Mehboob1, Noor Khan1,*, Usman Atiq1, Khalid Javed Iqbal2, Rafia Tayyab1, Syeda Suhaira Batool1, Hafiza Saleha Batool1, Sana Amjad1 and Mehwish Tanveer1 

 Nasia Batool*, Imtiaz Ahmad Qamar**, Imdad Hussain Mirza** and Muhammad Fateh Ullah Khan**


 Khalid Naseem*, Naseem Bibi**, Saeeda Raza*, Amer Mumtaz*, Nouman Rashid Siddiqui*, Amina Bibi*** and Muhammad Ahsan Khan****


Muhammad Khalid1,2 and Muhammad Naeem2* reference to the proximate analysis for this species from farming system of southern Punjab, Pakistan is provided. 


 Sumera Siddique1,†, Hafiz Abdullah Shakir1, Javed Iqbal Qazi1*, Amtul Bari Tabinda2, Muhammad Irfan1

Screening of some agri-wastes for economical cultivation of Candida tropicalis SS1
...gitation conditions. The proximate analysis revealed that the water melon peels showed the highest amount of crude protein (which was measured by micro Kjeldahl digestion system) followed by bagasse, mango, and apple peels with respective values of as 13.38%, 3.20%, 2.69% and 2.58%. Best growth of C. tropicalis SS1 was obtained in aqueous extracts of 2% WM peels and the yeast cells attained up to 33% protein content on dry weight basis. In 2% aqueous extract o...

 Asad Sultan1, Rabia Ali1, Rifat Ullah Khan2,*, Sarzamin Khan1, Naila Chand1 and Ambrina Tariq3

... were adapted to measure proximate analysis, minerals and phytate content in grain and fecal samples. Sorghum cultivars were different in nutrient profile with red higher in protein content (11.41%). It was observed that phytase inclusion in grain increased the availability of all nutrients except crude lipids. Total tract nitrogen retention was increased by 3% in red sorghum compared to white. Minerals absorption was increased but differently in different cul...
Hashim Ullah1, Abdur Rahman1, Rifat Ullah Khan2, Shakoor Ahmad2 and Ambrina Tariq3, Shabana Naz4,*
...and meat quality through proximate analysis. Wazirisheephad lower cholesterol as compared to Mazai. With the increasing BCS, the cholesterol content was significantly increased in both the breeds. The dressing percentage and crude protein were higher in Waziribut the fat content was found greater in Mazai. Similarly, females have higher average fat content as compared to males. In conclusion, from the health point of view, the mutton of Waziri breed had better...
Laiba Shafique1,*, Muhammad Afzal2, Syed Zakir Hussain Shah3, Mahroze Fatima4, Huma Naz5, Saif ur Rehman1, Youchuan Wei1 and Qingyou Liu1,*
...h performance and muscle proximate analysis for the C. idella fingerlings.
Shagufta Naz1, Ayesha Javed1, Ayesha Saleem1, Khadija Murtaza1, Rukhama Haq1, Akbar Hayat2 and Neelma Munir1,*

Arifa Khan1*, Shazia Erum2, Naveeda Riaz1, Abdul Ghafoor2 and Farhat Ali Khan3 

..., sensory evaluation and proximate analysis. Results showed significant differences in all yields and phenotypic quality traits. High sprouting (100%) and plant height was observed in CIP8 (31.60 cm). CIP12 produced more number of tubers/plant (23.4 tubers) with low tuber weight while better average tuber weight was observed in CIP22 followed by CIP13 genotypes (95%) while CIP7 showed minimum sprouting (70%).CIP28 genotypeproduced maximum plant height (70.00 c...

Muhammad Naeem Khan* and Asad Jan 

...nins (34.3 mg/g). In the proximate analysis, nitrogen freed extract was present in higher amount (38.45±0.83 %) followed by protein (30.26±0.72 %) while crude fibers were found least in amount (1.43±0.53 %). Among different minerals, reasonable amount of calcium (3268±0.53 μg/g), potassium (2873±0.71 μg/g), sodium (591±0.23 μg/g) and iron (223 ± 0.46 μg/g) were found while no cadmium and chromium was...
Vijay Lal and Muhammad Naeem* work has been done on proximate analysis of the fish around the world but very little analysis on marine fish Terapon jarbua have been performed. Therefore, the current analysis was carried out to analyze the proximate composition of T. jarbua. 70 samples of T. jarbua ranging from 18.00-29.90 cm in length and 119.60-429.50 g in body weight were collected from Fisheries Harbour, Karachi Pakistan. The mean percentage of constituents were ...
Sheza Shehzadi1, Mohammad Umar Farooq2*, Rukhsana Kausar1, Ijaz Ali1*, Muhammad Arshad Ullah3 and Maqbool Shahbaz4
...d 60 days along with the proximate analysis including protein content, crude fiber, ether extract, and total digestible nutrients. Significant results were obtained by applying ANOVA test on the data retrieved. All three factors (BP, CC and CS) showed maximum results after 60 days of growth. The result indicated that after the 60 days interval the animal unit per month gave the maximum fodder (7.0667 AU/M/Ha) that proposed to be grazed for large ruminants and ...
Muhammad Farooq1*, Allah Rakha2,Jawad Ul Hassan2, Iftikhar Ahmed Solangi1, A. Shakoor3, Muhammad Bakhtiar4, Muhammad Noman Khan5,Shoaib Khan5, Ibrar Ahmad6, Shabir Ahmed7 andWang Yunyang1*

...tributes of muffins. The proximate analysis of mushroom based powder and wheat flour was also performed. After this loaf weight and volume, structural examination, sensual attributes of muffin were also performed. The effect of mushroom powder on moisture, crude protein crude fat and nitrogen free extract of muffin were non-significant and effect on ash and crude fiber were significant when 0%, 10%, 20%, 30% and 40% mushroom powder based muffin were prepared. ...
Syed Makhdoom Hussain1,*, Hina Gohar1, Muhammad Asrar1, Muhammad Mudassar Shahzad2, Azhar Rasul1, Majid Hussain3, Muhammad Zubair ul Hassan Arsalan1, Nisar Ahmad4 and Aqsa Sharif1
... absorption of minerals, proximate analysis and hematology were determined using standard methods and formulae. Highest minerals absorption (Ca, Na, K, Fe, Cu, P, Mg and Al) was observed in the fish fed at 400mg/kg of polyphenols in canola meal based diets. Similarly, best hematological parameters (RBCs, WBCs, PLT, Hb, PCV, MCHC, MCH and MCV) as well as proximate composition (crude protein, crude fat, ash, moisture and carbohydrates) were noted in fish group f...

Journal of Innovative Sciences


Vol. 8, Iss. 1, Pages 1-145


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