Iqbal Javed1*, Amar Razzaq2, Mudassar Yasin3, Muhammad Ali Imran4, Haroon Javaid5, Iftikhar Nabi6, Anum Sardar1 and Shahbaz Ahmad and to figure out the potential markets for Pakistani mutton. For the purpose of a research conducted on mutton exports from Pakistan the secondary data were used. The major sources of the data used in the study were international trade center, Economics survey of Pakistan, statistical yearbook of Pakistan and Agricultural Price Institution, Islamabad, Pakistan. Nominal protection coefficient (NPC), revealed comparative advantage (RCA) and Revealed Symmetri...

Anam Sardar1, Iqbal Javed1, Abdur Rehaman2*, Mudassar Yasin3, Raheel Saqib4, Allah Bakhsh3, Haroon Javaid5 and Muhammad Luqman and to understand the potential markets and the importance of beef meat industry in Pakistan. The secondary data have been used to conduct the research on beef export from 2002-2016. NPC (Nominal Protection Coefficient), RCA (Revealed Comparative Advantage) and RSCA (Revealed Symmetric Comparative Advantage) were estimated to find the possible international markets for beef. According to the findings internal markets are categorized into four categories of ...

Iqbal Javed1, Abdur Rehman2*, Farhana Khaliq1, Amar Razzaq3, Mudassar Yasin4, Ghulam Mustafa5, Allah Bakhsh6 and Raheel Saqib7 

.... First category of high potential markets include UK, Canada, and USA. The 2nd category include middle potential markets which include Oman, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey and United Arab Emirates. Third category include the low potential markets which has low competitiveness are Yemen, Poland and Qatar. It is recommended that Pakistan basmati exporter must concentrate to enlarge the basmati ...

Sarhad Journal of Agriculture


Vol. 36, Iss. 1, Pages 1-374


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