Muhammad Shahbaz1,*, Muhammad Anwar Iqbal1, Arshad Javid2, Abu ul Hassan Faiz1, Irfan3 and Muhammad Irshad Arshad4
...o six species i.e. P. pipistrellus (n = 43), P. paterculus (n = 12), P. javanicus (n = 39), P. tenuis (n = 18), P. cylonicus (n = 40) and P. dormeri (n = 20) were captured. Out of these six species, four are reported for the first time from the study area, whereas, P. pipistrellus and P. paterculus has already been reported from other districts of Punjab province. The s...
Hamidullah1,*, Arshad Javid2, Basit Rasheed1,Jehan Zeb3, Abidullah1 and Muhammad Iftikhar Khan1
...>Pipistrellus pipistrellus, Javan Pipistrelle P. javanicus, Coromandel Pipistrelle P. coromandra, least Pipistrelle P. tenuis and Kelaart’sPipistrelle P. ceylonicus were recorded for the first time from the study area. Average forearm length of P. pipistrellus, P. javanicus, P. coromandra, P. tenuis and P. ceylonicus was recorded 30.9±...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 52, Iss. 1, Pages 1-424


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