Tanzeela Riaz1, Farah Rauf Shakoori2* and Syed Shahid Ali3
... tolerance/resistance in phosphine-tolerant populations. The level of total esterases, carboxyl esterases, choline esterases, acetylcholine esterases and aryl esterases were determined in 4th & 6th instar larvae and adult beetles of phosphine-tolerant populations (previously exposed to phosphine for 15 years) of wheat grain pest, Trogoderma granarium collec...
Tanzeela Riaz1, Farah Rauf Shakoori2,* and Syed Shahid Ali3
...mine the toxic effect of phosphine on microsomal enzymes (NADPH-Cytochrome P450 reductase (NADPH-CPR), ethylmorphine-N demethylase and aniline 4-hydroxylase) and soluble protein contents of a wheat grain pest, Trogoderma granarium collected from godowns of Punjab, Pakistan. Six populations of khpara beetle with different levels of susceptibility to phosphine were used in this study. Based on LC50...

Akhlaq Ahmad, M. Anwar Arain*, Rahila Nazli**, Syed Anser Rizvi***,
Mubarik Ahmed* and Farzana Ibrahim****

Corresponding author: dr.akhlaqahmad@yahoo.com

...nt of resistance against phosphine in stored grain insect pests in Pakistan is the result of whole godown improper fumigation of bagged wheat over the past several years. Trials were conducted in 338 godowns in 8 districts of upper Sindh. Out of these, 169 godowns were selected for fumigation with phosphine inside and under polyethylene sheets, while the others for indoor space fumigation in godowns without covering wheat st...
Farah Rauf Shakoori1,*, Tanzeela Riaz2, Uzma Ramzan1, Anum Feroz1 and Abdul Rauf Shakoori2,3,*

 Tanzeela Riaz*†, Farah Rauf Shakoori, Syed Shahid Ali

Toxicity of phosphine against tolerant and susceptible populations of Trogoderma granarium collected from Punjab, Pakistan
...evaluate the toxicity of phosphine to 4th, 6th instar larvae and adult beetle in phosphine resistant populations viz., Guj...

 Abdul Khaliq1, Muhammad Irfan Ullah1,*, Muhammad Afzal1, Akhlaq Ahmad2 and Yasir Iftikhar3

...eus) were tested against phosphine and bio fumigants to check their fitness and potential following by F1 generation. Phosphine fitness in term of mortality mean calculated at 300 ppm was minimum against weevil but highly effective against red flour beetle after 24hours while, at 400ppm showed same resistance level in all. At 500ppm, lesser grain borer (LGB) was more susceptible as compared to others as in rice we...

Asim Munawar1,2*, Farooq Ahmad1, Aqsa Arshad1, Muhammad Ishaque Mastoi3 and Chengjuan Liang4 

...against deltamethrin and phosphine. Results indicated significant difference between lab and field collected pests strains regarding their resistance mechanisms to deltamethrin as well as phosphine treatments. Field strains collected from various geographical locations were observed more resistant then lab strains. Calculated LC50 values was very less in field strains as compared to lab strains. Maximum mortality of lab and...

Bilal Atta1*, Muhammad Rizwan1, Arshed Makhdoom Sabir1, Muhammad Dildar Gogi2, Muhammad Sabar1, Bakhtawar3, Faizan Ali3 and Mehran Sarwar

Journal of Innovative Sciences


Vol. 5, Iss. 2, Pages 53-120


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