Hu Zenglei1 and Xiufan Liu1, 2*


...types. Therefore, severe pathology in immune organs, caused by genotype VIId of NDV, is associated with high levels of virus replication and an intense innate immune response.


Gabriela Mansano do Nascimento, Helena Lage Ferreira and Clarice Weis Arns


...cisive role in the virus pathology. Some studies have already reported the overexpression of these genes against IBDV infection in susceptible cells. The protection ability of ISGs to safeguard chicken cells against the virus could be potentially applied for vaccine production, better vaccination protocols and infection control in the future.

Yi-qiang Ouyang1, Zhen-xin Liang1, Shi-wen Huang2, Ying Zhang3, Shao-shi Luo1, Jin-ning Liang1, Jia-fu Li1, Yu He4 and Song-chao Guo1,*

Annals of King Edward Medical University


Vol. 24, Iss. 1, Pages 1-153

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