Muhammad Khurshid, Muhammad Nafees, Inam-ur-Rahim and Wajid Rashid

...stify;"> The upland pastures in western Himalayan of Northern Pakistan are traditionally used by mobile pastoralists for livestock grazing during summer. Since the late 1980’s, these pastures have been used for off season vegetables cultivation which leads to change the traditional mobile pastoral system. This study was carried out in Naran valley in 2015, to understand the agriculture land use changes during the ...

Muhammad Khurshid1,2*, Muhammad Nafees1, Mehmet Somuncu2

... as forest, agriculture, pastures and snow cover were recorded by means of Global Positioning System (GPS) and further processed to develop maps by using Geographic Information System (GIS). The impacts of agriculture encrachment were determined by means of group discussions, household’s interviews and personel observations. The results showed that crops cultivation occupied 18 % of the bottomlands in Naran valley, where this cultivation is gradually ext...

Muhammad Jamal Nasir*, Anwar Saeed Khan, Said Alam and Riyasat Sultan 

... fodder (grasses) at the pastures, ban on cutting of grasses and grazing in the village, management of land at pastures, refuge from scorching heat of summer are the major causes of seasonal migration. There used to be a time when almost every household use to move to pasture before the onsets of summers, but today in Utla out of total 745 households, only 40 households practice seasonal migrations. Though seasonal migration...
Bin Huo1 and Xiaoyun Shen1,2,3*
...and forage from affected pastures were significantly lower than those from healthy areas (P<0.01) and the ratio of calcium to phosphorus (Ca:P) in affected herbages was 13.16:1. Phosphorus contents of blood and hair from the affected animals were also significantly lower than those from healthy animals (P<0.01). Serum alkaline phosphatase values from affected Tibetan gazelles were significantly higher than those from healthy ones (P<<...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 52, Iss. 4, Pages 1225-1630


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